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Automotive Scope Users

Pico Automotive Scope software now sports a new Waveform Library browser.
Must own PicoScope to view.
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Serial Decoding - UPDATE

The new PicoScope beta release, 6.13, adds Modbus RTU and ASCII to its growing list of serial decoders. Modbus is used in industrial automation to communicate with programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

PicoScope 6 now supports a total of 18 serial protocols and is the only oscilloscope that can decode Modbus.


You can use PicoScope to decode data from a serial bus such as CAN bus. Unlike a conventional bus analyzer, PicoScope lets you see the high-resolution electrical waveform at the same time as the data. RS232/UART and SPI formats added to serial decoding mode

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PICO 9000 Series Sampling Scope

If you need to measure high-speed electrical signals, the dual-channel 12 GHz PicoScope 9201 sampling oscilloscope delivers the ultimate price/performance. US Prices
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At under $12,000 US – less than half the price of comparable sampling oscilloscopes – the PicoScope 9201 has all the features and performance you need at a price you can afford. Unlike other manufacturers, all software functionality is included in the cost of the oscilloscope, and software updates are provided free of charge.

Designed specifically for the complex task of analyzing high-speed electrical signals, the PicoScope 9201 is ideal for many advanced applications including: signal analysis, timing analysis, testing and design of high-speed digital communication systems, network analysis, semiconductor testing, and research and development.

The PicoScope 9211A and 9231A TDR/TDT Sampling Oscilloscopes are specially designed for time-domain reflectometry (TDR) and time-domain transmissometry (TDT).
They provide a low-cost method of analysing cables, connectors, circuit boards and IC packages.

The PicoScope 9221A and 9231A have a built-in 8 GHz optical-electrical converter that allows the analysis of optical signals.

The PicoScope 9312 [PP893] has been discontinued, closest alternative is the 9321 [PP894]

PicoScope 9000 sampling oscilloscopes

Product Channels Bandwidth Equivalent Sampling Rate Vertical Resolution PC Connection Prices
2 12 Ghz 5 TS/s 16 bits USB 2.0  
2 12 Ghz 5 TS/s 16 bits USB 2.0 and LAN  
2 12 Ghz # 5 TS/s 16 bits USB 2.0  
PicoScope 9321            
2 12 GHz# 5 TS/s 16 bits USB 2.0 and LAN  

# with 8 GHz  optical input


Main specifications of the PicoScope 9201 include:

  • 12 GHz bandwidth on 2 channels
  • Dual timebase from 10 ps/div
  • Up to 10 GHz trigger bandwidth
  • 5 TS/s equivalent time sample rate
  • High resolution cursor and automatic waveform measurements with statistics
  • Waveform processing including FFT
  • Time and voltage histograms
  • Eye-diagram measurements for NRZ and RZ
  • Automated mask test
  • USB 2.0 or LAN (optional)
  • Familiar Windows graphical user interface
  • Lightweight and energy efficient design

Typical applications include:

  • Electrical standards compliance testing
  • Semiconductor characterization
  • Telecom service and manufacturing
  • Timing analysis
  • Digital system design and characterization
  • Electronic mask drawing and display
  • Automatic pass/fail limit testing
  • High speed serial bus pulse response

PicoScope 9200A Brochure >  1.7 Mb pdf

PicoScope 9300 Series Brochure 9.8 Mb pdf

Accessories for Picoscope 9000 Series

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