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Attention all
Automotive Scope Users

Pico Automotive Scope software now sports a new Waveform Library browser.
Must own PicoScope to view.
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Serial Decoding - UPDATE

The new PicoScope beta release, 6.13, adds Modbus RTU and ASCII to its growing list of serial decoders. Modbus is used in industrial automation to communicate with programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

PicoScope 6 now supports a total of 18 serial protocols and is the only oscilloscope that can decode Modbus.


You can use PicoScope to decode data from a serial bus such as CAN bus. Unlike a conventional bus analyzer, PicoScope lets you see the high-resolution electrical waveform at the same time as the data. RS232/UART and SPI formats added to serial decoding mode

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PicoScope 2202 - OBSOLETE
[Replaced by the New 2200A Series]

Converts PC to Oscilloscope (1435 bytes)
    Image of Picoscope 2202 Computer Oscilloscope

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Check out the new 2200A Ultra Compact Series - NEW! - Replaces the old 2200 series


The PicoScope 2202 is a low-cost PC oscilloscope from Pico — the world leader in PC oscilloscope design.

With a fast USB 2.0 interface, 20 MS/s sampling and 2 MHz bandwidth the PicoScope 2202 provides the performance, features and quality you would expect from a Pico oscilloscope, all at an affordable price.

This inexpensive, dual channel, USB oscilloscope uses the same powerful technology as the acclaimed PicoScope 3000 series of professional PC oscilloscopes. Using this latest technology Pico are able to provide you with an oscilloscope with specifications not previously available with scopes in this price range.

The PicoScope 2202 is ideally suited for use by hobbyists and students, yet with its fast sampling rate it is also powerful enough to be used by electronics technicians for scientific, and general analog and digital circuitry.

  • 2 Channels
  • 20 MS/s sampling rate
  • 2 MHz bandwidth
  • 32 kB buffer memory
  • No power supply required
  • USB 2.0 connection for fast screen updates

The PicoScope 2202 is suitable for use on any laptop or desktop PC, with a USB port, running Microsoft Windows 98SE or above. Simply plug the PicoScope into the USB port, no power supply is required, and the PicoScope is ready to use.

PicoScope oscilloscopes are supplied with PicoScope software that provides oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and multimeter functions. PicoScope software makes full use of your PC's processing capabilities allowing you to view real-time signals, zoom in on your signal, and save and print captured waveforms. Also supplied is PicoLog data acquisition software that transforms your PC into a high-speed data logger.

With oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and data logger functions, all in an easy-to-use PC-based unit, the PicoScope 2202 represents outstanding value for money and an inexpensive solution to your test and measurement needs.

PicoScope 2202 Oscilloscope Specifications


PicoScope 2202

Bandwidth 2 MHz
Sampling rate
(single shot)
20 MS/s (single channel)
10 MS/s (dual channel)
Channels 2
Dynamic range 50 dB
Buffer size 32 kB
Resolution 8 bits
Accuracy ±3%
Ranges ±50 mV to ±20 V
Input impedance 1 MΩ
Overload protection ±100 V (signal input)
±50 V (between grounds)
PC connection USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible)
Power supply from USB port
Dimensions 140 x 190 x 45 mm
Supplied software PicoScope (oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, meter)
PicoLog (data logger)
PC requirements Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP operating system
CD-ROM drive (only required to install software)
USB port

Looking for a scope with better specifications, see the PicoScope 3000 series  

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