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4-Channel Master Kit

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Pico 4 channel master kit
Our Automotive Master Kit has been designed to give our customers a way of buying everything they could need in one hit. While there is always more you can buy to add to your toolbox, in this instance we’ve put together our most comprehensive kit to-date. Our Master Kit consists of an upgraded and extended Advanced Kit including the TA234, in a new larger tougher carry case and our WPS500X Maxi Kit in a separate case. The kit also includes our Connector breakout lead kit B, our Fuse extension lead kit, insulation piercing probes and an assorted pack of Gear Ties.

The new heavy duty Master kit carry case (PA136) also includes foam cut-out locations for your PicoDiagnostics NVH kit (sold separately).

The combination of our kits and software make vehicle diagnostics intuitive and logical. Each kit comes with a variety of accessories to test a multitude of vehicle components, help and advice for these are available in our PicoScope 6 software. Our PicoScope Master Kit will allow you to undertake an endless list of diagnostic signals from your test vehicle.

What's Included in the Kit:
Part number Description Qty Part number Description Qty
MI007 Oscilloscope Probe 60 MHZ x1/x10 2 TA090 Sprung hook (red) 1
PP178 Secondary Ignition pickup 4 TA117 Fuel pressure test hose, small scrader valve 1
MI121 USB Cable - Blue Pico 4.5m 1 PP718 Premium test leads: set of 4 1
MI168 S Hook 2 TA129 Universal vacuum hose adapter 1
PP939 WPS500x Pressure transducer kit 1 TA157 Battery clip 4mm socket (red) 1
PP919 PicoScope 4425 4 Channel Automotive Scope 1 TA158 Battery clip 4mm socket (black) 2
TA001 Multimeter probe - black 2 TA161 Flexible back pinning probe (black) 2
TA002 Multimeter probe - red 2 TA162 Flexible back pinning probe (red) 2
TA003 Small Croc. Clip - black 2 TA167 BNC 2000A/200A current clamp 1
TA004 Small Croc. Clip - red 2 TA168 Jcase fuse extension lead 1
TA005 Large dolphin clip - black 1 TA190 2 pin breakout lead Bosch 1
TA006 Large dolphin clip - red 1 TA191 3 pin breakout lead Kostal 1
TA008 Electronics Acupuncture probes 1 TA194 2 pin breakout lead Kostal 1
TA012 2 Wire Break out lead 1 TA197 High bandwidth 10:1 attenuator 2
TA016 4mm shrouded to unshrouded adaptor black 4 TA206 Maxi fuse extension lead 1
TA017 4mm shrouded to unshrouded adaptor red 4 TA214 10mm Deep reach adaptor tip for standard compression hose 1
PP264 Current Clamp (60A AC/DC) with BNC 1 TA219 16mm Ford triton adaptor tip for standard compression hose 1
PP324 6-way universal break out lead (small) 1 TA220 18mm Short reach adaptor tip for standard compression hose 1
PP325 6-way universal break out lead (medium) 1 PP970 AST to WPS500 adaptor set 1
PP326 6-way universal break out lead (long) 1 PP972 Vacuum tap for WPS500 1
PP357 Coil-On-Plug ignition probe BNC cable 1 TA234 30A Current clamp 1
PP408 Fuse extension leads 1 PP973 Fuel hose pressure tap for WPS500 (small) 1
PP400 Coil-On-Plug HT extension lead - set of 4 1 PP974 Fuel hose pressure tap for WPS500 (medium) 1
PP609 6-way micro breakout lead 1 TA250 Sykes pressure adaptor kit for WPS500 1
PP619 Can test box 1 TA267 Breakout lead 3 pin ACS 1
TA081 USB to mini0USB charging cable 1 TA295 Great tie assortment 8 pack 1
TA083 Fuel pressure test hose, large scrader valve 1 PA136 Master carry case heavy 1
TA089 Sprung hook (black) 1 TA007 Insulation piercing test clips (2) 1

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