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New Kvaser white paper discusses ways to maximise CAN’s efficiency in next generation vehicles

By using a Virtual CAN Bus, we separate the control task from other tasks. The distributed embedded control system can be developed using standard CAN Controllers and transceivers in a traditional way with well proven tools.

Other tasks such as encryption, transmitter authentication, re-flashing, etc. can be developed by experts in these fields and carried out by using other protocols. With modern technology, the different tasks can run in parallel and simultaneously communicate on the same physical layer.

It is a great advantage to separate the control problems from other problems. The control problem can be solved once and for all by the control experts and other problems by experts in their respective technology fields.


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Leaf Light keeps team Technion’s calibration data accurate


by Logan Via
Kvaser has donated a Kvaser Leaf Light HS v2 interface to Formula Technion, a student team from Israel’s Institute of Technology (the Technion) who will be competing in the Formula Student 2017 challenge. The team entered their first Formula Student race in 2013, wowing the judges by winning first place in the world rookie category (out of 500 entries) and in 2017, seek to win a place on the winner’s podium with a new active suspension design.

Last year, Technion used a single CAN bus to connect the engine control unit, a power distribution module, the dashboard and a custom datalogger. This year, they are adding an active anti-roll bar system to improve vehicle dynamics and for this, they are using Pi Innovo’s M220, programmed via CAN over CCP. The Kvaser Leaf Light v2, which was recommended by Pi Innovo, is used on a daily basis by the control team to program and test the M220. According to Ben Levenzon, Dynamics Team Leader at Formula Technion: “We had absolutely zero problems using it and compared to a similar product that we have used, the Leaf-Light doesn’t miss a single packet.”

Technion has now finished the CDR (Critical Design Report) stage of development and the vehicle components are in manufacture (some of the components are made on-site and all are made in Israel). They will be competing in the Formula Student Austria and Formula Student Germany events in August 2017 – we sincerely wish them luck!

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