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X-Analyser - CAN LIN & CAN FD analysis in one tool

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Warwick Control Technologies has released a new version of the powerful network analysis tool X-Analyser (version 3.11.0).  This now provides CAN CAN FD and LIN all in one tool, along with the higher layer protocols SAE J1939 and CANopen.

If purchased with the Kvaser Hybrid or Hybrid Pro interfaces, it can be used with CAN, CAN FD and LIN in one interface.  These Kvaser interfaces have two channels that can be mapped to X-Analyser software in any combination of these network protocols that you wish, e.g. channel 1 can be LIN and channel 2 can be CAN FD.

The new features included in this new release are:

  • Support of Kvaser Hybrid interfaces comprising of CAN CAN FD and LIN in one interface
  • LIN improvements such as importing schedule table from the LDF so that the LIN schedule is automatically ready to transmit
  • CAN FD support via any Kvaser interface that supports CAN FD
  • Object Transmitter feature extended with NEW Message Builder feature which allows the user to set the message data field based on CAN database signals
  • CANopen feature has been extended with a Network Management control panel for controlling CANopen device NMT state
  • CAN Physical Layer Analyser via the PicoScope 2206b USB oscilloscope
    • Scans the CAN bus for 10 seconds and records 1 example of each CAN message
    • User can click on the CAN identifier and view the CAN_H, CAN_L and differential of the entire CAN frame in an oscilloscope type view
    • Each CAN frame trace for CAN_H and CAN_L electrical signals

It comes with 1-year email support which includes free updates.  Subsequent maintenance contracts are available.

The X-Analyser supports all Kvaser CAN and LIN interfaces.
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