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Limited quantities 2 Pieces Available at Jan 2022


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PCI based PCMCIA Card Reader
 for Desktop PCs

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Supports Type I, II and III 16-bit PCMCIA cards
Accepts Type III cards and Type I/II cards at the same time, in the same drive bay Rugged design fully protects against shorts and static
3.3V or 5V operation
Supports IBM Microdrive in adapter
Available with 3.5" internal drive chassis
Optional 5.25" bay adapter available
Supported under Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP

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Quatech's PCD2-F/PCI-E internal PCMCIA interface adapter allows desktop PCs to access the technology used in laptop, notebook, and hand-held computers. Once installed in a standard PCI slot the PCD2-F/PCI can accommodate Type I, II or III PCMCIA devices including memory cards, ATA hard disk cards, modems, and a variety of other PCMCIA I/O devices.

The PCD2-F/PCI-E is installed into one empty PCI slot and one 3.5" floppy drive bay in the front of the computer (it can be used in a 5.25" bay with Quatech's SSD adapter) and provides two PCMCIA sockets. The drive can accept either two Type I or II cards in any combination, or one Type III card and one Type I or II card. This PCD2-F advantage means that both an I/O card such as a modem and an ATA hard disk card can be used at the same time in the same drive bay.

The PCD2-F/PCI-E supports any combination of 16-bit PC cards powered at 3.3V or 5V. It can be used in any IBM compatible PC with a Pentium or equivalent processor. Support is provided for Windows 95 OSR2/98/Me/2000/XP.


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BUS INTERFACE: PCI Card Specification 2.1

CONNECTOR: High reliability 68 pin PCMCIA compliant, static protected conectors with card eject buttons

CONFIGURATION: Two PCMCIA 2.1 compliant sockets mounted in a front drive bay. The sockets support two Type I or Type II PCMCIA cards in any combination or one Type III and one Type I or II card operating at either 3.3V or 5V.


OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: SSD- Adapter to install the PCD2-F/PCI in a 5.25" bay.

INCLUDED SOFTWARE: Device Drivers for Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS : IBM Compatible PC with Pentium or equivalent processor

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PCD2-F/PCI-E PCI based PCMCIA Card Reader for Desktop PCs
SSD-Adapter Converter to allow a PCD2-F unit to be installed in a 5.25 inch drive bay

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