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8 port RS-232 PCI board with DB-25 / DB-9 cable


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  • 2, 4, or 8 independent RS-232 ports
  • Speeds up to 921.6 kbps
  • 16750 UARTs with 64-byte FIFOs
  • Full modem control and hardware and software flow control
  • DB-9, DB-25, or RJ-11 connectors
  • Surge suppression package available
  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP & Linux support
  • 5 year warranty


Quatech RS-232 PCI boards utilize a single PCI slot to provide two, four, or eight independent asynchronous serial ports that share a single interrupt. All PCI registers are properly implemented, so you can be assured that Quatech boards will be good citizens on the PCI bus. Serial port connections are made via DB-9 male connectors, DB-25 male connectors, RJ-11 modular connectors (8 port only) or using a breakout box providing one DB-25 male and seven DB-9 male connectors (8 port only).

The boards are implemented with 16750 UARTs containing 64-byte FIFOs. They use a clock multiplying feature allowing the to achieve data rates as high as 921.6 kbps. To maintain maximum signal integrity, Quatech uses a four-layer board design. But, for even more protection in industrial environments, an optional surge suppression package is available. This "IND" option applies a surge suppressor to each line that is capable of sustaining up to 40A peak, 8 x 20µs transient surges, a clamping voltage of 30V and a peak energy dissipation of 0.1 Joules. (Note that implementing the IND option restricts the board's speed to 115.2 kbps.)

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