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RS-232 Three Port Modem Data Splitter

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The Modem Data Splitter can be connected so that three computers or terminals can use one modem without manual switching. The Modem Data Splitter can be used to combine three DTE ports to a DCE port. All signals entering the female DTE connectors on pin 2 (Transmit Data), 4 (Request To Send), and 20 (Data Terminal Ready) are diode OR'd together and appear as outputs on the male DCE connector. Pins 3 (Receive Data), 5 (Clear To Send), 6 (Data Set Ready), and 8 (Carrier Detect) are normally outputs from a DCE port, so they are connected directly from the male to all female connectors. Can be left permanently installed.

To ensure proper operation, lines 2, 4, and 20 on the unused female inputs should be low or open to allow the other inputs to operate properly. Pins 1 and 7 are connected to provide a ground path. Pin 1 is Protective Ground and Pin 7 is Signal Ground on all three DB25 connectors. To install the 232MDS3, connect a "straight through" cable (Pin 1 to Pin 1, Pin 2 to Pin 2, etc.) between the MDS and the modem. Any pin reversing or jumpering should be done on the cables that connect to the computers or terminals.

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