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Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer Software

PicoScope is the de facto standard in PC Oscilloscope software, but it is much more than just an oscilloscope.

It’s your complete test and measurement lab in one easy-to-use application.

PicoScope software

If you buy a traditional oscilloscope, you get an oscilloscope. Buy a traditional spectrum analyzer, you get a spectrum analyzer. Buy a traditional waveform generator, you get a waveform generator. Buy a PicoScope USB Oscilloscope and – thanks to power of PicoScope – you can get an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and signal/waveform generator all in one. (With PicoScope’s ability to continuously stream data you can even use your oscilloscope for data acquisition.)

Free updates

You can’t usually upgrade traditional test equipment. If the device is upgradable it will often need a time-consuming and expensive trip back to the manufacturer. PicoScope software is regularly updated with feature extensions and improvements. These can be downloaded for free from our website and ensure that your oscilloscope will always have the latest features and enhancements. What other test equipment gets more powerful with age?

Easy to use

PicoScope 6 is powerful yet easy to operate. You benefit from the power of the PC, and the familiar Windows interface and controls, making the software easy to use. It has tooltips and help pages to explain all the features.

Unrivalled performance

PicoScope uses the latest Windows technologies to give you the performance you need. Fast capture rates make it easier for you to see fast-moving signals, while fast data processing ensures your PC is able to process even the most complex of waveforms.

All this and it’s free

PicoScope is free to download and use. Download your copy of PicoScope 6 today and experience the power and performance for yourself. (If you haven’t yet purchased your PicoScope Oscilloscope you can use the demo mode to test many of the features.)

Main Functions and Features of PicoScope

Click a link and see what PicoScope can do for you:

System Requirements

Language support

PicoScope 6 is currently available with English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish language support. Support for other languages is planned and these will be available as free updates in the coming months. Please note that French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian and Chinese support is currently limited to the menus and tooltips – user manuals and help files will be installed in English.

Computer requirements

To ensure that PicoScope operates correctly, you must have a computer with at least the minimum system requirements to run one of the supported operating systems, as shown in the following table. The performance of the PicoScope software will be better with a more powerful PC, and will benefit from a multi-core processor.

Item Minimum specification Recommended specification
Operating system
32-bit edition of Windows XP SP2;
32 or 64-bit edition of Windows Vista
Processor 300 MHz 1 GHz
Memory 256 MB 512 MB
Free disk space# 1 GB 2 GB
Ports USB 1.1 compliant port USB 2.0 compliant port

# The PicoScope software does not use all the disk space specified in the table. The free space is required to make Windows run efficiently.

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