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PicoScope BNC terminators and leads

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All our BNC terminators, attenuators, leads and adaptors are compatible with 50 Ω BNC connectors.


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Attenuator set: 3-6-10-20 dB, 1 GHz 50 Ω 1 W BNC (m-f)

The TA050 attenuator set consists of four coaxial attenuators designed for use with signals up to 1 GHz. Each attenuator has a male and a female BNC connector.

Usage note
The TA050 attenuators must be used with a matched 50 Ω source and load. If you wish to attenuate a signal before feeding it into a high-impedance measuring instrument, you must add a 50 Ω feedthrough terminator such as the Pico Technology TA051 feedthrough terminator.

Terminator: feed-through, 1 GHz 50 Ω 1 W BNC (m-f)

The TA051 feed-through attenuator is a coaxial terminator with BNC connectors. It is useful for connecting signals from 50 Ω sources into instruments with 1 MΩ impedance inputs, such as oscilloscopes. 
BNC to Banana Adaptor MI078

BNC plug to 4 mm adaptor

The MI078 BNC to 4 mm adaptor connects two 4 mm “banana” plugs to a BNC socket.

BNC plug to 4 mm (banana) plug cable, 1.2 m

The MI029 is a 1.2 m (3.9 ft) cable for connecting a BNC socket to two red and black 4 mm "banana" plugs.

BNC to BNC cable, 1.1 m

The MI030 is a 1.1 m (3.6 ft) BNC plug to BNC plug cable, useful for connecting signal sources with BNC output to oscilloscope inputs

BNC plug to BNC plug cable, insulated, 5 m

The TA130 is a high quality insulated BNC plug to insulated BNC plug lead, with 5 meter cable in between.

BNC plug to crocodile clips cable, 1.35 m

The MI031 is a 1.35 metre (4.4 ft) BNC plug to crocodile clip cable for making temporary connection to terminals. Terminated with red and black colour-coded crocodile clips.

Current clamp adaptor

The TA038 adaptor is used to connect a BNC current clamp to the PicoScope 3425 Differential Oscilloscope. First fit the adaptor to one of the BNC inputs on the oscilloscope's front panel, then insert the adaptor's grounding plug into one of the ground sockets on the front panel.

It is important to ground the current clamp using the procedure just described. Most current clamps have an internal metal case that readily picks up electromagnetic noise from the environment, and if the case were not grounded, this noise would interfere with the signal.
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