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PRESS RELEASE - October 27, 2020


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Picoscope BNC Plus LEDS

Today Pico Technology launches the new PicoScope 4425A Electric Vehicle (EV) kit. Designed to cover all vehicle types and powertrains, it provides workshops with a future proof system that handles vehicles incorporating high-voltage batteries and motor systems. 

More.....[PDF Press Release]

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PicoScope 7 Automotive

now supports 30 languages!


This latest version of the PicoScope 7 beta has many new features, including PicoDiagnostics, 30 languages and Full graph mode. Steve has written more about all the individual features and how to use them in this forum post.



You can download the latest version here!


CAN Test Box

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Continuing with our mission to make vehicle diagnostics easier and faster…the new CAN Test Box gives you easy access to the 16 pins of the diagnostic connector that is fitted to all modern vehicles. Depending on the configuration of the vehicle, this may allow you to check power, ground and CAN Bus signal quality. With the test leads supplied you can connect your PicoScope lab scope to the CAN Test Box to monitor signals such as the CAN High and Low. More.....

Celebrating 36 Years

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Attention all
Automotive Scope Users

Pico Automotive Scope software now sports a new Waveform Library browser.
Must own PicoScope to view.
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New Waveform Library Browser

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The latest beta release of PicoScope is now available. PicoScope 6 Automotive R6.9.9 installs alongside your standard PicoScope installation so as not to disturb your stable software. What's new in this beta? 

If there was ever a feature of PicoScope Automotive 6 that was worth shouting about, it has now arrived. The Automotive Waveform Library has now been released. I cannot remember how many times it would have been useful to have a comparison waveform for a circuit under test. Often this would involve sifting through your own library, or ringing round colleagues in the hope you might get lucky.

Well, thanks to the team at Pico the new Beta Version of PicoScope 6 Automotive 6.9 contains a feature called Waveform Library Browser found under the File menu. This new feature will enable you to search a global database of waveforms that have been uploaded by PicoScope users from around the world.

To access the Waveform Library you must have an automotive scope connected and have a valid user name and password for the Pico Automotive Forum.

Once logged into the Waveform Library Browser you will find numerous Search Options allowing you to locate a relevant waveform for a specific manufacturer or model.

You can also search for a waveform using just the engine code, allowing you to locate a waveform that may not have been saved under your search entry, but is applicable to other models or manufacturers, given the engine may be installed on numerous other vehicles or brands. With your search criteria filled in, click on the Search button.

waveform library1

Click to see Full Size Image

From here you have the ability to preview the waveform by clicking the image, Open it in PicoScope, or Load it as a reference waveform to your existing capture. You will notice the green tick visible in the above screen capture: this indicates the waveform has been checked, and verified by a member of the Pico Automotive team.

The more good waveforms in the database the more useful it will be. If like many users you have built up a collection of waveforms on your own PC, now is the chance to give something back to the community and help fellow techs by uploading them to the database. Adding an existing waveform from your PC to the online waveform database is as simple as loading the waveform into PicoScope, checking details such as vehicle Make and Model are present, and selecting Save and Share.


For more detail and guidance of the Waveform Library, please see Steve Smith's Waveform Library Browser thread on our Automotive forum for more information.

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