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CAN Test Box

can test box


Continuing with our mission to make vehicle diagnostics easier and faster…the new CAN Test Box gives you easy access to the 16 pins of the diagnostic connector that is fitted to all modern vehicles. Depending on the configuration of the vehicle, this may allow you to check power, ground and CAN Bus signal quality. With the test leads supplied you can connect your PicoScope lab scope to the CAN Test Box to monitor signals such as the CAN High and Low. More.....

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We have just posted 10 outstanding tutorials on how to use the Pico NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) diagnostic system.

If you are a user of NVH or Planning to aquire an NVH System, check out these 10 tutorials .

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PicoScope 4823 8-Channel Automotive Oscilloscope:

Kit Contents [PQ184]

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Professional Kit

Item Description Qty
PA186 Carry Case: Heavy duty 1
PR361 PS4823 8 channel 20MHz 80MS/s USB3.0 automotive scope 1
MI121 Cable: USB2 4.5m 1
TA155 Cable: USB 3.0 blue 1.8m 1
MI168 "S" Hook 2
TA125 Premium test lead: 3M BNC to 4mm blue permanent ground 1
TA126 Premium test lead: 3M BNC to 4mm red permanent ground 1
TA127 Premium test lead: 3M BNC to 4mm green permanent ground 1
TA128 Premium test lead: 3M BNC to 4mm yellow permanent ground 1
TA472 Premium test lead: 3M BNC to 4mm black permanent ground 4
LA732 Label: Destiny 8 channel scope sheet of colored labels 1
TA197 Divide by 10 attenuator 4
TA375 Oscilloscope probe: 1:1/10:1 switchable 100MHz, BNC 2
MI074 Secondary Ignition Pickup (automotive test lead) 8
TA037 HT extention test lead 4
TA204 Insulated COP and signal probe 1
TA033 Lead: BNC to BNC with earth clamp 1
TA106 Earth wire for coil pack 45 cm long 1
TA018 60A DC current clamp with BNC connector 1
TA167 Precisiob 2000A/200A current clamp 1
TA234 Current clamp: 30A 1
TA329 Ultrasonic Parking Sensor 1
TA330 Keyless Entry Detector 1
TA034 Breakout lead for ATC style fuses 1
TA035 Extention lead for mini style fuses 1
TA168 Extention lead for JCASE fuse 1
TA206 Extention lead for maxi style fuses 1
TA324 Premium 6-way breakout lead set 1
PA147 6 pocket roll up pouch in lback Pico branded 1
TA008 Electronics Acupunture Probes 1
TA001 Multimeter Style test probe (black) 2
TA002 Multimeter Style test probe (red) 2
TA003 Small Crocodile clip (black) 2
TA004 Small Crocodile clip (red) 2
TA005 Dolphin clip 1000V CATIII (black) 2
TA006 Dolphin clip 1000V CATIII (red) 2
TA017 4mm shrouded to unshrouded adaptor red 8
TA157 battery clip 4mm socket (red) 2
TA158 battery clip 4mm socket (black) 4
TA161 Flexible back pinning probe black 8
TA162 Flexible back pinning probe red 8
pa186 carrying case for picoscope 4823

Buy Your PQ184 - Professional Kit Here:
Buy the PQ185 Scope With Software and USB Cable:
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