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25 MHz 700 V Differential Oscilloscope Probe x10/x100


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The TA041 active differential oscilloscope probe lets you use a standard earthed oscilloscope to measure signals that are not referenced to ground.

Attenuation ranges 10:1 / 100:1
Differential voltage range ±70 V (DC peak AC)
or 70 V RMS (1/10) 
±700 V (DC peak AC)
or 700 V RMS (1/100)
Common-mode voltage range ±700 V (DC peak AC)
or 700 V RMS (1/10 and 1/100)
Absolute maximum voltage (Differential or common-mode) ±1400 V (DC peak AC)
or 1000 V RMS CAT III (1/10 and 1/100)
Bandwidth DC to 25 MHz (–3 dB)
Accuracy ± 2%
Rise time 14 ns
Input impedance 4 MΩ / 5.5 pF  each side to ground
Power requirements  4 x AA cells
or 6 V  / 60 mA  DC mains adaptor



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