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PRESS RELEASE - October 27, 2020


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Picoscope BNC Plus LEDS

Today Pico Technology launches the new PicoScope 4425A Electric Vehicle (EV) kit. Designed to cover all vehicle types and powertrains, it provides workshops with a future proof system that handles vehicles incorporating high-voltage batteries and motor systems. 

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Coming Soon!

Keep your eyes on this space as we plan to announce a new, cutting edge product to aid with Printed Circuit Boards managment and control while under repair or inspection.

Sneek peek of what this game
changing system looks like


Celebrating 36 Years

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PicoScope 7 Automotive

now supports 30 languages!


This latest version of the PicoScope 7 beta has many new features, including PicoDiagnostics, 30 languages and Full graph mode. Steve has written more about all the individual features and how to use them in this forum post.



You can download the latest version here!

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25 MHz 1400 V Differential Oscilloscope Probe x20/x200


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The TA057 active differential oscilloscope probe lets you use a standard earthed oscilloscope to measure signals that are not referenced to ground.

Attenuation ranges 20:1 / 200:1
Differential voltage range ±140 V (DC peak AC)
or 140 V RMS (1/20) 
±1400 V (DC peak AC)
or 1400 V RMS (1/200)
Common-mode voltage range ±1400 V (DC peak AC)
or 1400 V RMS (1/20 and 1/200)
Bandwidth DC to 25 MHz (–3 dB)
Input impedance 4 MΩ / 5.5 pF  each side to ground
Power requirements  4 x AA cells
or 6 V  / 60 mA  DC mains adaptor



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