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PicoBNC Automotive 10:1
scope probe & adaptor [TA506]

[Replaces the Old TA499]
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This kit contains the new, redesigned PicoBNC 10:1 attenuating lead. This replaces the TA499 probe for improved signal measurement flexibility.

TheTA506 PicoBNC 10:1 Attenuating Lead replaces the traditional oscillo­ scope probe termination with 2 types of popular connectors to give technicians greater flexibility in selecting the type of probe tips they use to acquire signals. This 3-meter-long lead includes both a non-stacking, shrouded 4 mm banana positive connector and a stacking, non-shrouded 4 mm banana Earth connec­ tor to facilitate the use of our broad range of 4 mm clips and adaptors and to make it possible to reconfigure the probe to fit into tighter spaces as needed.

Designed to handle a 400 V peak max working voltage with a 600 V peak tran­sient overvoltage, the TA506 is ideal for measuring primary ignition and injector switching voltages, as well as the inductive voltages measured on some types of speed and position sensors. Due to its higher impedance, it is also suitable for the measurement of sensitive circuits, such as those from knock sensors In addition, the high bandwidth of the TA506 is perfectly suited for monitoring high-speed signals including FlexRay and CAN FD.

The compact design of the TA506 contains the entire attenuator circuit of a traditional oscilloscope probe, but within a 4 mm connector body. With a fixed x10 attenuation it is intended for high-speed signals like CAN, FlexRay and also for higher voltage signals such as primary ignition.

The TA506 is automatically recognised by PicoScope software when connected to the scope. This accessory is only available for PicoBNC and will not work with older PicoScope models.


Buy your TA506 BNC  Oscilloscope Probe Here [Replaces the TA499 Probe]:



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