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Shock Transportation Data Logger MSR175

The two 3-axis acceleration sensors integrated in the MSR175 have working ranges of ±15 g and ±100 g. They record shocks and jolts at a measurement frequency of up to 5,000 measurements per second. The installed memory of the logger is capable of storing over 2 million measured values, which is sufficient for more than 1,000 shocks. In addition, the MSR175 data logger measures and records temperature profiles from -20° to 65 °C. Additionally, a second type variant of this data logger is available with internal humidity, pressure and light sensors.

Priced at under $500 USD.


   MSR Whitepaper

We have just posted a well written publication dealing with most aspects related to acceleration measurement as it pertains to the MSR Series of Acceleration data loggers.

Well worth taking the time to read this.


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MSR DataLogger App

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With the DataLogger app for the MSR145WD data logger you can start and stop data recordings of your wireless data logger and view the real-time data on your smartphone. In addition, the app can read out the measured data from the MSR145WD and transfer them to the MSR SmartCloud. The data logger and the app communicate via the energy-saving Bluetooth Low Energy radio technology (Bluetooth 4.0). The MSR DataLogger app is available for Android and Apple devices. There is no Windows version.     

You can use our MSR DataLogger app to recall the real-time data and the battery capacity of your wireless data loggers on your smartphone or tablet at any time.

With the MSR DataLogger app you can start and stop data recordings of your wireless data logger.

To ensure that the data is protected against unauthorised access, you can protect its retrieval with a password, which you define in the MSR-Setup software. With the MSR DataLogger app you can read out the recorded data of your wireless data logger on your smartphone and transfer them to the MSR SmartCloud.ud.

For Android devices

The app works with most Android devices with Android versions starting from 4.4. The device must be equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0). You can download the MSR DataLogger app for Android here:
Free MSR app on Google Play

For Apple devices

The app works on iPhones starting from version 4S and iPads starting from version 3. You can download the MSR DataLogger app for Apple devices here: 
Free MSR app in the App Store

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