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Logic Trace CNC/DXF Software

Quickly Create DXF Files for CNC and CAD

Use a Digitizer and Pen to Accurately Trace Parts and Patterns in Minutes!

Logic Trace Digitizing System


Designed specifically for the CNC, CAD and Pattern Making industries, The Logic Trace Digitizing System consisting of a digitizing tablet, pen and Logic Trace software can quickly and easily trace any outline, template, object, or part and create a DXF graphics file on your computer ready for use by any CNC, CAD or cutting software and machine.

Most commonly requested board sizes are 44"x60" (110x150cm) and 5'x8' (1.5x2.4m) but we also have smaller and larger boards. Accuracy is 0.01" and 0.005".

Works with all machines: plasma cutters, waterjets, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, plotters, any and all CNC machines.

Works with all software: Autocad, Plasmacam, Mastercam, Mach3, Bobcad, Vectric, Vcarve, SigmaNest, Solidworks, Rhino, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Gerber and many others. Our DXF files are compatible with all CNC and CAD software

Very easy to use, takes less than ten minutes to learn.



2009 poly

Quick    Easy   Accurate Features
main cnc
  • Trace object or drawing and create DXF graphics file

  • Fast and easy

  • Very accurate with .01" standard, higher accuracies available including .005" and .002"

  • Uses any digitizing tablet (Logic Pro digitizer specifically designed for use with the Logic Trace CNC DXF software)

  • Sizes of tablets range from 12"x12" to 44"x60"

  • Trace larger objects using the Logic Trace Oversize software which combines files together to form one large DXF file

  • Useful in hundreds of different CNC and Cutting machines including routers, waterjets, plasma, metalworking, manufacturing, wood-working, plastics, furniture, upholstery, garments, machining

  • Useful in hundreds of different industries metalworking, manufacturing, wood-working, plastics, furniture, upholstery, garments, machining, sign-making, boat manufacturing

  • Trace lines, arcs, curves, points

  • Trace point to point or continuously

  • Generate DXF files with Arcs and Lines or Polylines

  • Generate Gcode files

  • Convert DXF files to other formats

  • Trace object on digitizer using pen stylus or cursor

  • Place object directly on digitizer or trace from template on digitizer

  • Create accurate graphics files of objects in minutes

  • Normal scaling is 1:1 but different scaling possible

  • English and metric units

  • See digitized image on screen

  • Arcs created by digitizing endpoints and any middle point

  • Complex curves can be created using polylines or digitizing multiple points and arcs automatically created

  • See all points and results on screen including arc data.

cnc 101

Image at left digitized with five line segments and 4 arcs.


Logic Pro Digitizer (Recommended)

GTCO Rollup

Calcomp Drawingboard

GTCO Super L

GTCO Accutab



Surface Lit


cnc 11d




Using is simple Logic Trace Combine DXF

Tracing objects and creating computer graphics files is fast and easy:


  1. Place item on digitizing tablet

  2. Choose whether to digitize points, lines, arcs, or circle

  3. With digitizer pen trace the object

  4. Repeat last 2 steps as needed

  5. Save DXF file

  6. Load file into CNC or Cutter software

That's It!!


Need to digitize an object bigger than the Logic Pro Tablet?


The Logic Trace Combine DXF digitizing software by The Logic Group allows outlines and templates to be digitized in sections and then merged together as one DXF graphics file as if the object was digitized on one very large digitizer. Digitize items that are 4'x8', 12'x16' and larger

See Details

Digitize or trace anything - objects, parts, plans, pictures - and save the digitized drawing as a DXF file for easy loading into CNC and cutting software and to be used by CNC and cutting machines.

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