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  Input/Output Expander (IOE)



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I/O Expander  
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The IOE is the first-of-its-kind smart accessory in the environmental monitoring industry offering 32 configurable analog inputs allowing users to monitor and set alarm thresholds for 0-5VDC signal and/or open or closed switches. The addition of three relay outputs enable users to trigger external devices like auto-dialers, strobe lights or back-up a/c units on alarm or manually through the web interface.

The IOE comes equipped with a lightweight and strong rack mount steel chassis providing flexible wire management and versatile bracket mounts. It connects to a digital sensor port of your environmental monitor using the provided uplink cable. The IOE offers a 'Plug and Play' setup and is powered by a 6VDC power adapter or -48VDC power supply.

Only one IOE can be added to a single Series II device. The IOE pairs naturally with the MiniGoose II providing a cost-effective method for bringing your sensors online. The MiniGoose II mounts directly on the IOE chassis for added convenience.

At just $479, the IOE presents a powerful, flexible and economical solution for an added layer of monitoring, alarming, automation and control.

I/O Expander is compatible with the MiniGoose II, MiniGoose XP II, WeatherGoose II, SuperGoose II and RelayGoose II models.

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