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Current Transducer

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The AC Current Transducer (CT) provides accurate load level monitoring of 30, 60, or 120 amps with a proportional output signal of 0-5VDC, with 5VDC representing the maximum current reading for the range the CT30-60-120 is set to. For example, if the range switch is set to the 60A range, then 0V = 0A, 2.5V = 30A, and 5V = 60A. Factory calibrated slide switches provide easy field setup of sensed amperage range. 

The AC Current Transducer (CT) is connected to one of the analog-input terminals on a Watchdog environmental monitor. Only one CT may be connected to each analog-input terminal. If your particular monitor does not have built-in analog inputs, or if your analog inputs are already occupied with other sensors, a matching analog-to-digital converter is available to allow the CT to be connected to one of the digital-sensor ports instead.

Comes equipped with convenient self-gripping clamp-on design. Mounting bracket for installation included. The CT Sensor is for use in indoor environments.

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