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City Power Monitor - Analog

Power Fail Sensor

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The Power Failure Sensor (PFS) enables you to monitor power anywhere within your infrastructure. It reports any loss of power, allowing you to know the status of your critical infrastructure. The Power Failure Sensor (PFS) plugs into the power source and connects to a dry contact port on your Watchdog environment monitor. This provides time to either restore power or properly shutdown the system before backup power is exhausted. Status LEDs in the sensor’s plastic enclosure provide a visual indication that power is detected. 

Note: You may need to use an A2D converter to interface this sensor with an environment monitor or compatible power distribution unit if it does not have an analog port. Your Monitor must have an analog port to use this Power Monitor, if you would like to use this with a digital port, you will need the A2D module.

Directly compatible with Watchdog 100, 1000, 1200, 1250 & 1400. To use this with the Watchdog 15 or 15-P you will require an A2D module.

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