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A range of thermistor probes for use with our Tinytalk, Tinytag and Tinyview data loggers. 
Designed to meet the demands of a wide variety of applications this range of probes includes fast response probes for temperature profiling, surface probes for the recording of pipe work temperatures, armored probes for use in meat processing and 1m long probes for use in composting. 
Many of the probes in this range have a molded construction making them waterproof (IP68 rated) and suitable for use in damp or submerged locations. 
Additionally a number of probes are also made of food grade materials making them an excellent choice for use in the food industry.

Product Code  Description  Price/Buy 
PB-5004-1M  ***DISCONTINUED** Armored Thermistor Probe 
PB-5001-1M5/3M/5M  Standard Thermistor Probe 
1.5 Meter Cable:

3 Meter Cable:

5 Meter Cable:
PB-5002-1M5/3M/5M  Fast Response Thermistor Probe 
1.5 Meter Cable:

3 Meter Cable:

5 Meter Cable:

PB-5003-1M5/3M/5M Surface Thermistor Probe 
1.5 Meter Cable:

3 Meter Cable:

5 Meter Cable:

PB-5005-0M6  Tinytalk Thermistor Probe 
PB-5006-0M5M/1M5/3M/5M Flexible Thermistor Probe  0.5 Meter Cable:  

1.5 Meter Cable:

3 Meter Cable:

5 Meter Cable:
PB-5007-0M025  Stub Thermistor Probe 
PB-5009-0M6 Flying lead thermistor probe
PB-5010 Compact Thermistor Sensor
PB-5015-1M5/3M/10M Encapsulated thermistor probe
1.5 Meter Cable:

3 Meter Cable: 

10 Meter Cable: 
PB-5019-1M5/3M Flat cable thermistor probe  1.5 Meter Cable: 

3 Meter Cable: 
PBC-0001-0M2 (OBSOLETE) 1m Thermistor Probe   
PBC-0002-3M (OBSOLETE) Transportation Prober   
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