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This product has been discontinued and there are only a FEW LEFT IN STOCK however support, service kits and calibration for these units is available for existing customers.

The TGIS-1580 Intrinsically Safe Tinytag is an ATEX certified data logger for use in hazardous areas. The unit is robust and self contained, with a reputation for reliability. 
This model is battery powered and measures both temperature and humidity using built-in sensors, providing cost effective environmental monitoring ideal for inaccessible locations.  
Features include waterproof casing (rated IP68), two user-programmable alarms and multiple start/stop options. Data recorded by the TGIS-1580 is downloaded to PC via a cable; no expensive base station is required. 
The Tinytag Explorer software provides a powerful, easy to use interface with the loggers, enabling visualization of recorded data and the ability to set logging parameters.


  • Reading range -40°C to 85°C and 0 to100% RH
  • ATEX certified
  • 32,000 reading capacity
  • Low cost cable download
  • 2 user-programmable alarms
  • Delayed and trigger start options
  • 3 stop options
  • Antistatic, robust, waterproof case
  • User-replaceable battery

Required Products
 Your ALT-Text here CAB-0007 Tinytag/Tinyview Serial Download Cable
 Your ALT-Text here SWCD-0040 Tinytag Explorer (Full Version)

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