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Tinytag Wireless Data Logging

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Tinytag Wireless Data Logging System — Fast, Remote Access to Data, Whenever You Need It!

Wireless Data Logging simply means that multiple radio data loggers can be placed around an industrial site or premises; and data, such as temperature and/or humidity, can be accessed quickly and remotely at any time from a central source.

Labour Saving

Wireless Data Logging is advantageous in that the need for system management is minimal and the manual set up and download of data from individual data loggers is eliminated, making it extremely convenient and cost effective if a site has a need for 20 or more monitoring points.

The system consists of a network or `mesh' of radio loggers, which transmit data to a central receiver connected to a PC. Each radio logger is a self-contained, battery-powered unit that can receive, store and transmit data to other radio loggers as well as the central receiver. The loggers are self-configuring and the network robust and self-healing. Such intelligent technology means that loggers can be up to 200 metres away from each other and if the data route back to the receiver is blocked by a temporary obstruction, for example, a truck, data will bypass the obstruction by being transferred to a neighbouring logger and from there back to the receiver. In this way, data is safely transferred and cannot be lost.

Local Recording

Similarly, if a radio logger has been unable to transmit because it has moved out of range of its neighbouring loggers or the host PC has been switched off, the radio logger will store data locally temporary and automatically transfer it when the interruption is cleared.

Quick Response

A remote alarm signalling function is particularly useful to perishable or fragile goods and means that in the event of a problem (temperature is out of range) when no one is on site, an email or SMS alert will be transmitted to the nominated person, so that corrective action can be taken as soon as possible.

Fast, Easy Access to Information

Used in conjunction with Windows based Tinytag Explorer Radio software, it becomes simple and intuitive for users to manage their data loggers and recorded data. Data can be collected from each individual probe, logger, group of loggers or site, in order to analyse and output data that is useful and meaningful to the company. Tinytag Explorer Radio software can be set up remotely, allowing data to be checked via an internal network or the Internet, and allowing for the monitoring of multiple sites from one location.

Cost-Efficient and Convenient

The Tinytag Wireless Data Logging System provides fast, reliable and convenient access to your data, minimal management time and the flexibility to analyse and produce data outputs that are relevant for your business. For a moderate to large data logging requirement, the Tinytag Radio Logging System will save you time and money.


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