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Robust Temperature Motoring Solutions

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Gemini Data Loggers, manufacturers of Tinytags data loggers, has been supplying conventional data loggers and wireless data logging systems to the composting and waste management industry for many years, helping companies to improve their processes by providing robust temperature motoring solutions.

Small sites, with few monitoring points, might favour a simple, cost effective, solution consisting of a stand-alone data logger with a custom-designed probe. In larger sites, where many points need to be monitored (20 or more), the wireless system becomes cost-effective.

The Tinytag Wireless Temperature Monitoring System uses radio to send data back to a central receiver connected to a PC, taking away the inconveniences of manual downloading.

It allows users to collate data at one central point, rather than download each individual data logger. It is a reliable mesh network of communications where each data logger receives, stores, and transmits data to other loggers as well as the central receiver.

The user has to place the receiver and each logger within 200m of another. The system is very robust and, to avoid loss of data, if one of the loggers loses contact with the receiver (e.g. the signal is blocked by a truck) it can still transmit data back to the receiver via neighbouring loggers or even store data locally until the communications are restored.

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