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Growing Awareness of Data Logging

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Growing Awareness of Data Logging to improve temperature management and energy efficiency.

Gemini Data Loggers will be showing their range of Tinytag data loggers on Stand R65 at 'Sustainabilitylive! 2010', at the NEC -Birmingham, on 20th-22"d April. Tinytags are some of the most versatile and cost efficient data loggers on the market. Gemini will be illustrating how they have helped organisations such as the Energy Savings Trust and the British Frozen Foods Federation in their energy saving research initiatives. Many other companies are also discovering that temperature monitoring can improve quality control measurements and help comply with Health and Safety.

The Tinytag Transit 2meets European Standard BS EN 12830 and is the data logger used by the BFFF to record temperatures of frozen food in transit. The loggers were used in tests that showed that a constant temperature throughout the frozen food distribution chain helps reduce the overall energy bill and minimise the risk of contravening food safety regulations.

The Energy Savings are using Tinytags in field trials of advanced heating controls in a sample of 570 residential homes. The objective of the trials will be to establish the level of energy savings generated by the new controls, with in-situ temperature measurements being undertaken over an 18 month period. The results will be analysed using Tinytag Explorer Software enabling user friendly graph comparisons of temperature results. The Explorer Software will be demonstrated at the Show.

Tinytag data loggers are robust, compact and battery operated. They can be used in many situations to help improving energy efficiency, including: monitoring the various effects of different types of building materials, e.g. loft or wall insulation; validating a heating or climate control system; monitoring air conditioning performance; monitoring variables that affect storage conditions e.g. museums and document storage; and calculate building temperature losses.

Gemini Data Loggers UK Ltd has been designing and creating data loggers from its manufacturing and quality control plant in Chichester, West Sussex for over 20 years. If you haven't met the team yet, this is a great opportunity to discuss your monitoring needs directly with them on Stand R65 at'Sustainabilitylive! 2010'.

Improved Tinytag Transit 2 Temperature Data Logger: designed to meet food transport standards!

The Transit 2 data logger is a simple to use, low cost monitoring device with no compromises. Practical, robust, lightweight and cost-effective, the logger is fine tuned for monitoring foods and other temperature-sensitive products during transportation and storage.

Tinytag Transit 2 is splash-proof with a temperature range of -400 to 70°C. The unit complies with BS EN12830 which makes temperature monitoring of the transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep and quick-frozen foods within EU guidelines an affordable possibility.

The logger is accurate, reliable and shows clear graph displays when used with Tinytag Explorer Software, the easy-to-use data logging software used to operate all Tinytag data loggers. It offers both cable and inductive download options; using the logger with a USB cable offers a low cost solution for single unit downloads but when there is a need to download data from many units, the inductive pad option becomes cost-effective and it is

much easier and faster.                                  

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