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USBee DX Mixed Signal Oscilloscope,

Logic Analyzer and Bus Analyzer

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 DX-PWM module

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This section details the operation of the Pulse Width Modulator application that comes with the USBee DX.  The Pulse Width Modulator application creates a Pulse Width Modulated output for all of the 16 digital lines on the USBee DX. 

Click OK to enter the application. Below you see the application screen.

dx-pwm module image 1

Each channel outputs a repeating waveform with a 1kHz frequency.  The period of the repeating waveform is made up of a high duration followed by a low duration and has 256 steps.  The length of the High duration is the PWM value that is shown.  The length of the Low duration is 256 – the High duration.

You can create a simple analog output voltage by using a series resistor and a capacitor to ground on each channel.

dx-pwm image 2

The above shows 2 outputs of the PWM Controller.  Signal 1 shows the PWM value set to 31 (out of 255) and Signal 0 shows the PWM value of 137.  A value of 0 is all low, and a value of 255 is mostly high (one out of 256 is low).

PWM Controller Specifications

Digital Channels Controlled


Analog Channels Controlled



256 steps

PWM Frequency


Control Mechanism

Slider Switch

Channel  Output Drive Current


Output Low Level

< 0.8V

Output High Level

> 2.4V

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