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 USBee DX I2C Controller

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This section details the operation of the I2C Controller application that comes with the USBee DX.  The I2C Controller lets you control (be the I2C Master) an I2C device using the SDA and SCL lines of the USBee DX. 

The Below you see the application screen.

To control an I2C device you must first create an I2C text script in the script window.  You can either type in the window as you would a text editor or you can use the buttons on the left to quickly insert the correct tokens for the various parts of an I2C transaction.

The valid tokens are as follows:

Token to use in Script Meaning of Token


To generate a Start condition


To generate a Stop conditon

<Slave Address Read: A0> <ACK=?>

To generate a Read Command

<Slave Address Write: A0> <ACK=?>

To generate a Write Command

<Data to Slave: 00> <ACK=?>

To send a byte to the slave

<Data from Slave: ??> <ACK>

To read a byte from the slave

<Data from Slave: ??> <No ACK>

To read a byte from the slave with no ACK following the byte

I2C Controller Specifications

I2C Clock Speed

2.2 KHz average

I2C Control Method

Text Script

I2C Script Tokens

Start, Stop, Ack, Nak, Read, Write, Data

Script Edit Functions

Cut, Copy, Paste, Save, Open, New

I2C Output Format

Text File (includes read data and Ack state)

Channel Output Drive Current


Output Low Level

< 0.8V

Output High Level

Open Collector (requires external pull-up resistor)

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