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USBee DX Frequency Generator

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This section details the operation of the Frequency Generator application that comes with the USBee DX.  The Frequency Generator is used to generate a set of commonly used digital frequencies on the low 8 digital channels.

Below you see the application screen.

To set the frequencies generated, use the drop down list box to choose which subset you would like to generate.  Then refer to the screen for which signal is generating which frequency.

Frequency Generator Specifications

Digital Channels Controlled


Analog Channels Controlled


Sets of Frequencies


Set 1

1MHz, 500kHz, 250kHz, 62.5kHz,31.25kHz, 15.625kHz, 7.8125kHz

Set 2

32kHz, 16kHz, 8kHz, 4kHz, 2kHz, 1kHz, 500Hz, 250Hz

Set 3

750kHz, 375kHz, 187.5kHz, 93.75kHz, 46.875kHz, 23.4375kHz, 11.1875kHz, 5.5893kHz

Set 4

19.2kHz, 9600Hz, 4800Hz, 2400Hz, 1200Hz, 600Hz, 300Hz, 150Hz

Set 5

64Hz, 32Hz, 16Hz, 8Hz, 4Hz, 2Hz, 1Hz, 0.5Hz

Set 6

1920Hz, 960Hz, 480Hz, 240Hz, 120Hz, 60Hz, 30Hz, 15Hz

Channel Output Drive Current


Output Low Level

< 0.8V

Output High Level

> 2.4V

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