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Drivers for LabVIEW Software
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LabVIEW driver is a set of LabVIEW virtual instruments (VIs) that serve as an interface between the PCLS-DLL (PC-Labcard Driver for Windows) and the LabVIEW program. When added to your LabVIEW program version 3.01 or higher, you can communicate with Advantech I/O boards.

The LabVIEW driver is divided into two levels of VIs: Easy I/O VIs and Advanced I/O VIs. Easy I/O VIs provide the quickest way to perform common I/O operations such as analog input, analog output, etc. The Easy I/O VIs are designed to be simple, so you can quickly configure your data acquisition application.

The Advanced I/O VIs provide more flexibility and allow you to access all the functions available in PCLS-DLL Use the Advanced I/O VIs only when the Easy I/O VIs cannot meet your application requirements. Since the LabVIEW driver is based on PCLS-DLL drivers, the hardware supported by the LabVIEW driver depends on the PCLS-DLL driver installed in the system.


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  • Supports all hardware functions: analog I/O, digital I/O, temperature, pulse output, and counter and frequency measurements
  • Software trigger with single channel conversion
  • Software trigger with multiple channel conversion
  • Pacer trigger with multiple channel conversion
  • Pacer trigger with interrupt or DMA transfer
  • Sampling rate up to 200 KHz using DMA transfer
  • Support multiple I/O boards through PCLS-DLL


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LabVIEW Driver for PCL-711, 812PG, 813B, PCIA-71

LabVIEW Driver for PCL-814, 816

LabVIEW Driver for PCL-818 Series

LabVIEW Driver for PCL-1800

LabVIEW Driver for PCL-720, 721, 722, 724, 725, 726, 727, 728, 830
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