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Tiny Logging Module Provides 2 Analog Inputs and 1 Electromechanical Relay


usbp dio
  • Designed for long-term standalone data logging (months or more)
  • "Mass Storage Device" interface for configuration and downloading data
  • 2 differential 16-bit analog inputs
  • Form C electromechanical relay switches up to 1A
  • Flexible on-device monitoring and alarm functionality
  • External trigger or internal timing
  • 32 Megabits of non-volatile storage for confidence and long-term standalone operation
  • Incredibly low power draw and flexible sleep modes to prolong battery life
  • LED for status and battery level indication
  • Also performs "live" streaming data across USB for non-standalone operation
  • Pico-I/O™ module size (60mm x 72mm) & mounting capability
  • Extended temperature (-40°C to 85°C)
  • This product is still in development; some specifications subject to change


  • Individual range selection per channel. Choose from RTD, Thermocouples, any voltage from 5V all the way down to millivolt inputs, bipolar or unipolar.
  • AC-DC adaptor for lab setting use
  • Onboard battery option for a year or more of remote field logging
  • NEMA enclosure, "desktop" enclosure, or OEM (bare board) packaging
  • DIN rail accessory for any enclosure type
  • Conformal coating for use in even harsher environments

A truly stand alone data logging solution, this unit provides numerous features optimized for long-term acquisition and storage. The USBP-DAQ-2AI-1EM module will acquire data on your schedule, storing the data in non-volatile memory. Alternately you can trigger acquisition via an external TTL signal. Each data point is acquired with optional averaging to virtually eliminate signal noise. The unit will monitor the analog inputs for configured thresholds and activate the latching FORM-C relay when thresholds are crossed. 32-megabit Flash memory storage ensures ample on-device storage. All data and configuration is performed via a hot-plug USB connection, using industry standard "mass-storage-device" protocols to ensure compatibility with *every* modern computer. Simply plug a USB cable into the onboard Micro-B USB connector and open the configuration text file or use our convenient Windows utility to configure the device. Drag and drop downloading of data log files in most operating systems -- just like your keychain USB storage drives.

Acquisition rates can be configured using onboard timing from 100Hz all the way down to less than one sample per day. External trigger can achieve rates in excess of 100Hz, or arbitrarily slowly, with optional timestamps.

Complete source code to the onboard firmware is provided, written in the industries best known cross-platform C language, allowing OEM developers to customize the operation to any degree.

The USBP-DAQ-2AI-1EM is designed to be used in rugged, industrial, and outdoor environments with appropriate (optional) enclosures. Each unit is rated to operate at temperatures from -40°C all the way up to 85°C. The board is tiny, Pico-I/O™ sized (60mm by 72mm), making it ideal for the smallest of embedded applications.

Two industry standard DB-9 connectors (one male and one female) ensure broad cabling availability.


The tiny module occupies just half the area of a PC/104 board yet approaches the capability commonly found on the larger board standard. This board is perfect for deployment into space-limited applications and follows the ever-shrinking platform of the single board computer into the Pico-ITXe standard by VIA and other manufacturers.

The board is ideal for a variety of embedded applications. The USBP-DAQ-2AI-1EM can also be installed using standoffs inside a assortment of enclosures or systems. For embedded OEM type applications, an additional miniature USB input header is provided in parallel with the type B micro connector. What makes the USB/PICO form factor unique is that its PCB size and pre-drilled mounting holes match the Pico-I/O form factor (without the bus connections). This ensures easy installation using standard standoffs with any Pico-ITXe single board computer. The board can be added to any Pico-I/O stack by connecting it to a USB 2.0 port included on-board with the embedded CPU.


  • Environment monitoring (hourly temperature and humidity)
  • Pollution monitoring (daily particulate and acidity)
  • Traffic logging (weigh cars as they drive across sensor plate using external trigger)
  • Closed loop control applications (thermostat, liquid levels)


The USBP-DAQ-2AI-1EM is available with optional cable assemblies, screw terminal boards, NEMA or desktop enclosures, battery or AC power units, and more. Call for detailed information.


The USBP-DAQ-2AI-1EM utilizes a first-in-class Mass-storage-device interface for configuration and logged data retrieval, or can be used with our custom high-speed function driver for streaming applications. Rates as high as 8k samples/second can be maintained in streaming mode.

Analog Inputs

  • Inputs: 2 differential inputs (also usable as 2 single ended)
  • Resolution: 16-bit
  • Ranges: 0-5 standard. Optionally specify any range from -5 to 5, down to millivolt scales. Optional Thermocouple, RTD, or 4-20mA inputs
  • Sampling Rate: Up to 4kHz per channel streaming
  • Type: Successive approximation
  • Over Voltage Protection: -40 to 55V
  • A/D storage: 32 megabits non-volatile. Generally 1 million samples per channel can be stored.
  • Calibration: Offset and gain calibration adjustment values stored in EEPROM
  • Trigger Source: Software selectable - external trigger, programmable timer, or application program command
  • Impedance: 1M Ohm
  • Oversampling and averaging software configurable.

Relay Outputs

  • Number: One (1) SPDT form C
  • Connector: 9-pin D-SUB male
  • Contact Type: Single crossbar; Ag with Au clad
  • AC Load: 0.5 A @ 125 VAC (62.5 VA max.)
  • DC Load: 1A @ 24 VDC (30 W max.)
  • Switching Voltage: 125 VAC, 60 VDC max.
  • Switching Current: 1A max.
  • Contact Resistance: 100 mω max
  • Contact Life: mechanical: 5 million operations minimum
  • Operating Time: 5 msec max.
  • Release Time: 5 msec max.

Bus Type

  • Optimized for stand-alone operation
  • USB 2.0 high-speed, USB 1.1 full-speed compatible for data download and logging configuration

Bus Connectors

  • UUSBP-DAQ-2AI-1EM Micro B external connector, as well as a 5-pin micro-fit connector on-board for embedded operation


  • Operating Temperature Range: -40° to 85°C
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40° to 85° C
  • Humidity: Maximum 90% RH, without condensation. Optional conformal coating for humid environments.
  • Board Dimension: 60mm x 72mm.


  • 5VDC provided via external AC-DC adaptor, internal battery, or your 5V source.
  • 5V @ <30mA, while acquiring, <1mA while sleeping. Configurable sleep/wake duty cycles.


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