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Eight and Sixteen Channel 12-Bit Analog Output Cards


  • Eight or Sixteen independent double-buffered analog outputs
  • 12-Bit resolution
  • Six Voltage Output Ranges: 0-2.5V, 0-5V, 0-10V, ±2.5V, ±5V, ±10V
  • Individual range selection per channel
  • Channel-by-channel or simultaneous update modes
  • Outputs held at zero volts at power-up
  • Setup and calibration software included


Models D/A12-08 and D/A12-16 are full-size cards that can be installed in any long I/O slot of PC-AT class computers. The cards provide eight and sixteen 12-bit- resolution analog outputs respectively at a 37-pin male Sub-D connector. Analog output channels can be individually switch configured for any of the following voltage ranges:
  • 0 to 2.5V
  • 0 to 5V
  • 0 to 10V
  • ±2.5V
  • ±5V
  • ±10V
Type AD7237 double-buffered dual DAC chips are used. Data are transferred from the computer into outer registers a byte at a time and transferred into inner registers a word at a time. The analog outputs can be updated either independently or simultaneously. In order to prevent inadvertent outputs at system power-on, the reference voltage to all DAC's is set to zero volts. Then, after all DAC's have been loaded with the desired initial values, a software command can be used to switch this reference voltage to its nominal value. Similarly, a software command can be used at any time to set the reference voltage to zero causing all DAC outputs to be zero volts.


Analog Outputs

  • Resolution: 12 bits (0 to 4095 decimal)
  • Channels: Eight or Sixteen, Independent
  • Voltage Output Ranges at 5mA max.:
    0-2.5 VDC, 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, ± 2.5 VDC, ± 5.0 VDC, ± 10.0 VDC
  • Short-circuit current: 25 mA maximum
  • Output resistance: Less than 0.1 ohm

Digital to Analog Converter

  • AD7237 monolithic chip, double buffered
  • Relative Accuracy: ± ½ LSB
  • Linearity: ± ½ LSB integral non-linearity over rated temperature range
  • Monotonicity: Guaranteed over operating temperature range
  • Settling time: 8 usec to 1 LSB for full scale step input
  • Offset Temperature Drift:
    ± 1 ppm/°C typ., ± 3 ppm/°C max.
  • Gain Temperature Drift:
    ± 15 ppm/°C typ.
  • Data Format: Right-justified, two bytes (8LSB's and 4MSB's)


  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 60 degree C.
  • Storage Temperature: -20 to 85 degree C.
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% non condensing.
  • Size: 13.130 inches. Install in a full-size slot.

Power Requirements

  • 5 VDC at 250 mA max.
  • 12 VDC at 310 mA max.
  • -12 VDC at 150 mA max.

Regulatory Compliance

  • This product is in full compliance with CE requirements.

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