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TC-08 Serial Thermocouple Recorder

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*New* TC-08-USB Information available at this link!



Pico Technology supplies a range of easy to use PC based temperature and humidity logging products. The units simply plug into the serial (or USB via the adapter) port of a PC (desktop or laptop) and require no power supply.

New TC-08-USB Information available at this link!

Used with PicoLog data logging software, they replace costly chart recorders and complicated ‘plug in’ data acquisition boards. These PC based temperature data loggers allow your computer to display and record temperatures. PicoLog can collect data at rates from one sample per second to once per hour and upto 1 million samples can be recorded. Data can be displayed in graphical or spreadsheet format, both during and after data collection.



TC-08 Thermocouple to PC Data Logger

Features TC-08 Screen
  • Measures and records up to 8 thermocouples
  • Works with all popular thermocouple types
  • Wide temperature range (-270°C to 1800°C)
  • Built in cold junction compensation
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • No power supply required
Supplied with PicoLog data logging software


The TC-08 is an 8 channel themocouple to PC interface, it can measure the full range of temperatures from -270°C to 1800°C and works with all popular types (B,E,J,K,N,R,S,T). There is also a 60mV range which can be used for other types of sensor.

The TC-08 is very easy to use - just plug into the serial (or USB via the adapter) port of your computer, connect a thermocouple and you are ready to measure temperatures. See also our advice on choosing and using thermocouples

Resolution and Thermocouple Types Return to top of page


Thermocouple type Overall range 0.1°C resolution 0.025°C resolution
B 100-1800 1030-1800 -
E -270-790 -240-  790 -140-790
J -210-1050 -210-1050 -120-1050
K 270-1300 -220-1300 -  20-1150
N -260-1300 -210-1300 -340-1260
R -50-1760 -333-1760 -
S -50-1760 -250-1760 -
T -270-400 -230-  400 -


Type K Thermocouples Return to top of page

Interworld offers standard length type K thermocouple probes: Other probes are available from specialist temperature measurement companies (e.g. Omega in the US) and electronics catalogues.

Upon request Interworld can also supply type J, K and T thermocouples up to 10m in length. These are exposed wire thermocouples, with a choice of a PTFE or fibreglass cable. Please contact Interworld for more information.

Type K Thermocouples Specifications

Probe Type Material Dimensions Tip Temperature
Exposed junction wire PTFE Ø1.5 x 1000mm -75 to 250 °C
Exposed junction wire Fibreglass Ø1.5 x 1000mm -60 to 250 °C
Air Steel Ø4.5 x 1300mm -50 to 250 °C
Penetration Steel Ø3.3 x 1300mm -50 to 250 °C
Contact Steel Ø85 x 1300mm -10 to 250 °C


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Technical Tip
Using multiple products on the same PC

It is possible to use more than one converter on a single PC and display all channels with the same copy of PicoLog. For example if you need sixteen channels of temperature measurement, use two eight channel TC-08s on the same PC. Different products can also be mixed on the same PC, for example a TH-03 could be used at the same time as an ADC-200.

Multiple-converter operation is available only in 'Real time continuous' mode. Each converter must have a separate port: you can use either standard serial/parallel ports or our USB adapters

To configure PicoLog to use multiple converters:

*       Choose File | New Settings
*       Check the ‘use multiple converters' box
*       Continue the set up process in the normal




This unit has been replaced by the USB version
model TC-08-USB available at this



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