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4-Channel RS-232 Isolator

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General Product Information

The Model 9POP4 isolates and protects RS-232 equipment from lightning surges, accidental high voltage shorts, and ground loops. RS-232 data signals TD, RD, RTS and CTS are supported at up to 115.2 kbps. The 9POP4 provides 2500 Volts RMS of isolation between sides.

The two sides of the isolator are powered from a single 12VDC power supply and maintain isolation. This powering configuration allows the device to be run in any system with only a single supply, regardless of the power levels on the RS-232 ports. Connections to the DTE device are made through a DB9 female connector.

Features and Details

  • RS-232 Isolator
  • 2500 V Isolation
  • Supports TD, RD, CTS, RTS
  • Compact Enclosure
  • DB9 Male and Female Connectos
  • Requires a 12 VDC Power Supply, sold seperately
  • FCC Class A
  • CE

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