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GTCO SUPER LVI Large Format Digitizer

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GTCO Super L mounted on pedestal

Superior Cordless & Corded Large Format Digitizers
for Cost Estimating, CAD, GIS &
other Applications.

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Dependable. Affordable. Durable. Accurate. Lightweight. Easy to Use. These are just a few of the many benefits you'll enjoy when you choose GTCO Super L Series digitizers. The Super LVI features traditional corded or cordless pointing devices as well as support for the USB Interface. (RS-232 optional and available) Combine this with GTCO's patented sensing technology and precision pointing devices and the Super L Series adds up to outstanding performance at an affordable price. For more information, or to locate the reseller nearest you, call 1-877-902-2979.

Easy to Use
The Super LVI Series' "plug 'n play" installation enables immediate connection to a PC for a wide variety of applications. Software configuration is accomplished with GTCO's exclusive SuperSet® Menu (above) in just one simple step, allowing the user to quickly switch between applications.

The lightest weight, rigid tablet available today! Provides easier setup and lower shipping costs.

GTCO Type 5/5A, Summagraphics Microgrid and Calcomp 9500 formats ensure compatibility with virtually all software packages on most hardware platforms.

Patented sensing technology and precision pointing devices provide 1/2540" (1/100 mm) resolution and ±0.01" (±0.25 mm) accuracy. Pointing Devices Select either GTCO's Stylus (ideal for quantity takeoffs and available with optional inking inserts for added functionality), or a 4 or 16 Button Cursor (featuring a wide viewing area for precise digitizing).

Plan Holder
GTCO's Super L Series Plan Holder attaches as an integral part of the tablet through the Super L Series' unique C-Channel extrusion. Easily insert or remove single sheet plans, drawing sets and bound plan books of thicknesses up to one inch in one simple step. (Optional Accessory)

Durable and Dependable
Built with state-of-the-art materials including a tough, durable work surface, Super L Series tablets perform to factory specifications for many years and are backed by a two year limited U.S. warranty.

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Standard Features

Thickness 1.34" (34 mm)
Accuracy ± 0.01" (±0.25 mm) (GTCO's AccuTab® offers even higher performance. Contact GTCO or your dealer for more information).
Resolution Up to 0.0004" (2540 lpi) / 0.010 mm (100 lpmm)
Technology Electromagnetic
Hardware Interface USB
Output Formats GTCO Type 5/5A Binary & ASCII, Summagraphics Microgrid, CalComp 9500
Lock Height 0.5" (12.7 mm)
Power Requirements - Draws power from the USB port (RS-232 is optional and requires a power supply)
Battery Life Approx. 2,000 hours for cordless pointing device based on normal use
Low Battery Automatic Warning for cordless pointing device
USB Connectivity is standard on all Super LVI models (RS-232 Optional)
Operating Temp. 40°F to 115°F (5°C to 46°C)
Storage Temp. 0°F to 150°F (-18°C to 66°C)
Self Diagnostics Automatic Testing of Tablet and Controller
Compliance FCC, Industry Canada, CE
Warranty two Year Limited US Warranty, Free Technical Support

 Download a acrobat logo_lg  PDF Brochure here

Model Active Area Footprint Weight Shipping Wt (Avg)
2024 20 in x 24 in
(508 mm x 610 mm)
29 in x 34 in
(737 mm x 864 mm)
13 lb
(10.5 kg)
31 lb
(14.1 kg)
2436 24 in x 36 in
(610 mm x 914 mm)
32.5 in x 46 in
(826 mm x 1168 mm)
19 lb
(8.6 kg)
42 lb
(19.1 kg)
3036 30 in x 36 in
(763 mm x 914 mm)
35.3 in x 44.5 in
(896 mm x 1130 mm)
19 lb
(8.6 kg)
42 lb
(19.1 kg)
3648 36 in x 48 in
(914 mm x 1219 mm)
44.5 in x 60 in
(1130 mm x 1524 mm)
30 lb
(13.6 kg)
70 lb
(31.8 kg)
4460 44 in x 60 in
(1117 mm x 1524 mm)
52.5 in x 69 in
(1333 mm x 1753 mm)
40 lb
(18.2 kg)
80 lb
(36.4 kg)

Standard Equipment
Equipment Digitizer & Controller, Choice of Pointing Device, USB Cable, GTCO SuperSet Menu, User's Manual CD with TabletWorks (Wintab Driver)

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Optional Equipment/Accessories

GTCO Cursors
4 and 16 Button Corded Plastic
Reticle Cursor for SL6
Super L VI - Stylus - Corded
Super LVI - 4 Button Cursor - Corded
Super LVI - 16 Button Cursor Corded
Super LVI - Stylus - Cordless
Super LVI - 4 Button Diamond Cursor Cordless
Super LVI - 16 Button Cursor - Cordless

Pointing Devices : Stylus with tip and 2 side switches, 4 Button Cursor, 16 Button Cursor (Corded or Cordless), Accessories, Plan Holder, Universal Mounting Brackets, Inking Inserts for Stylus, Mounting Bases.

Super LX was GTCO's first digitizer with cordless capability. This unit has been obsolete for at least 8 - 10 years however the Super L III, IV and VI units all feature cordless transducers (Pen, 4 Button or 16 Button ) making them all good alternatives. We do still have spares for the Super LX if required.

USB to Serial Adapter
Need to connect your old GTCO Digitizer to a new computer with USB interface, this is the factory approved USB-ADAPT-KS-PS model at this link....


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