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Environmental Logging
Measurement solutions for temperature and other parameters

PicoLog data acquisition software is a powerful but flexible program for collecting, analysing and displaying data. PicoLog can be used with the following product ranges:
  • Data acquisition / data logging products
  • Oscilloscope products (for high speed data acqusition / logging)
  • Temperature and humidity converters and loggers.

Some of the features of PicoLog are listed here. To see for yourself just how good it is, download a free demo copy

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  • Collect up to 1 million samples
  • Supports all Pico ADCs
  • Supports Pico signal conditioning
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Free upgrades and technical support
  • Runs under all Windows versions (3.x,95/98/ME,2000/NT)
  • International language versions
  • Easy to setup and use with on line help


  • Programmable alarm limits can be set for each channel
  • Data can be exported to spreadsheets and data bases
  • Save multiple setups for different tests and experiments
  • Can be used with desktop or laptop PCs
  • Supports multiple loggers on the same PC
  • Uses PC monitor to give large colour display, ideal for education and training
  • Waveforms can be saved, printed, faxed or e-mailed from your PC
  • Real time data collection, analysis and display

Multiple views Return to top of page

PicoLog displays data in a number of views, which can be activated as and when required. These views can be activated both during and after data collection.

Recorder View

Enables you to start / stop recording and specify recording files. It shows the current readings and alarm conditions for each channel. All settings such as scaling, channels and sampling are controlled from the recorder view.

XY graph view

Displays one parameter against another. Useful for plotting voltage against current, for example.

Spreadsheet View

Displays text data in a format that can be easily ‘copied and pasted’ into other applications. Data can also be saved to disk in standard ASCII text format.

Graph View

Graphs can be displayed both during and after data collection. Each channel can be displayed in its own graph or multiple channels can be displayed in the same graph. Axes can be setup manually, automatically or in chart recorder mode. Multipliers allow you to magnify areas of interest. Graphs can be ‘copied’ into the clipboard and then ‘pasted’ into reports.

Notes View

Attach notes to data.

Player View

Displays previously recorded data. It enables you to scroll quickly through stored files to compare results on successive runs. The player can be used to examine old data whilst new data is still being recorded.

Program modes Return to top of page

channel view

PicoLog for Windows works in two modes: player mode for displaying previously recorded data and recorder mode for recording new data. You can have more than one copy of PicoLog for Windows running at once, so you can use the player to analyse old data whilst recording new data.

PicoLog can collect data from multiple converters at the same time. This not only allows a mix of voltage input units to be used on the same PC, but also allows other PC based instruments such as the TC-08 (temperature measurement) and the ADC-200 oscilloscope to be used at the same time.

Exporting Data

Data can easily be transferred (either as graphs or raw data) to other Windows applications by using the clipboard (copy and paste). Graphs can also be saved to disk (as Windows Metafiles) and data from the spreadsheet can be saved in text format. Current readings can be transferred using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). PicoLog also supports IP networking so it is possible to transfer measurements from a remote site via an existing LAN, company network, or even over the Internet.

Useful Features Return to top of page

Parameter Scaling can be used to convert raw data into standard engineering units. A wide range of equation and table lookup scaling options are provided.

Additional parameters can be calculated, for example to calculate power output from a boiler you may need to multiply a flow reading from one channel with the temperature difference between two further channels.

Alarm Limits can be set for each channel to alert the user should a parameter go out of a specified range.

PicoLog data acquisition software supports IP Networking. This enables remote data collection from Pico’s full range of data acquisition products.

Here is a technical document describing how to set up PicoLog for IP Logging over a network

Useful features

DOS Software

A DOS version of PicoLog is also supplied, but this has limited functionality in comparison to the Windows version.




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