• Pico Launches new FLEXIBLE Resolution Oscilloscope
  • ACCES I/O - Large Range of USB I/O, PCIe and PC104 Products
  • MSR Loggers for Tri-Axial Acceleration Logging and more
  • Gemini Loggers for Temp, Humidity, Acceleration, Voltage etc........
  • Complete Line of GTCO Digitizers and accessories
  • Tinytag Loggers for Temp., Humidity, Voltage, Current and Shock
  • MSR Release new 900mAh battery for their loggers.
  • New Pico 4 Channel 3000 Series USB Scope
  • Pico releases new large memory MSO (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope) 2013
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Interworld High Voltage Request for Quotation Form
Resistors: Impulse   Resistors: Power 
Current Shunts       Capacitors

In order to provide you with a quotation we require the following information to be completed and emailed to us.

Resistors: Impulse

In order to provide you with a quotation we require the following information
to be completed and emailed to us.

State/Province:   Country: 

Zip / Postal Code:       
Voice:	   Area Code  Tel:   
Fax:	Area Code  Tel:  
Technical Information:

Impulse Resistors (low-inductive, wire wound)

A. Resistance: Ohms    k ohms
B. Tolerance: %
C. RMS Voltage: kV
D. Peak Voltage: kV
E. Energy: kJ
F. Capacitance: µF    or  mF
G. Duty Cycle: Shots/Minute
H. Check here if continuous:
I. Choose the Medium:     Air Oil Gas

J. Resistor Dimension Constraints (if any):

K. Type of Termination preferred (i.e. threaded stud, threaded hole, wire lead, slot-type ect.) Provide complete details and dimensions (if any):

L. Brief Description of Application and additional information/specifications (if any):

M. Are you interested in Interworld’s spring-loaded connectors for quick installation and removal of "slotted-type" resistors to/from impulse generator.

Yes No

Important Note: If you experience difficulties in communicating the above
 questionnaire to us as set up, you may communicate the above information
to email sales[at]interworldna.com .

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