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Versa Table - Digitizer Pedestal AT Table

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GTCO Pedestal

The Versa Table is available in 2 Basic Versions:

Version 1: GTCO Version designed specifically to accomodate any GTCO or Calcomp Large Format Digitizer with Aluminum C-Channel Surround . These pedestals are supplied without Wooden Surface and are modified to allow one to attach the GTCO or Calcomp Mounting brackets to the pedestal and then bolt the digitizer to the bracket. If you choose the AT-XXXX-GTCO model you will also require a set of MB-XXXX mounting brackets, This is the prferred pedestal for use with any digitizer up to 44" x 60" in size. 

Versa-GTCO with MB Mounted  

Version 2: This is the Versa Art Table and comes with wooden top. If you choose this pedestal you will not require the MB-XXXX. When using this version [AT-XXXX ] the Digitizer is placed on top of the wooden surface and is not bolted or secured to the base. Choose this pedestal if you are using any other brand of Digitizer other than a GTCO or Calcomp brand. Image below is the standard (non-GTCO) version of the Art Table.


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Download Pedestal Assembly Instructions ->

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