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Bluefin Logger

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The Bluefin Logger is a wireless data logger with rechargable battery. 

The Bluefin logger is a portable wireless logger from Senonics. The Bluefin logger can be connected either via a USB cable to a Windows PC application or wireless using Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad or iPadMini. Both Windows PC and iPhone applications offer a simple means of configuring the logger, data extraction and data viewing features. 


The Bluefin logger can be in different applications including: 



Bluefin can be used in situations where it is simply not convenient to make a cable connection to a Windows PC. Suppose for example you are storing some vaccines or chemicals in some environmental chamber and would like to ensure temperature and humidity conditions are kept within acceptable levels over time. By mounting a Bluefin logger inside the chamber then one can periodically come near to the chamber, connect to the logger from an iPhone, download the most recent data, email the recorded data and even reconfigure the logger. This can happen wirelessly and without opening the chamber and affecting environmental conditions. 



Temperature and Humidity Measurement

The Bluefin offers accurate and repeatable logging for temperature and relative humidity. Temperature is measured to an accuracy of /--0.3C over the range 5C to 60C and /--2.0C over the full range. Relative humidity is measured to an accuracy of /--2.0% over 20% to 80% humidity range and /--4.0% over 0% to 100%. Both temperature and relative humidity are logged at a user configurable logging rate which can be set in the PC application program or iPhone application.

NIST Traceable Calibration

The Bluefin is available with an optional NIST traceable single point calibration at any temperature between 15C and 35C. Once calibrated the unit is accurate to /--0.1C within /--5C of the calibration point. 


When you would like to guarantee that items are transported within particular environmental limits then one can also set operating ranges above or below which light indicators will be activated so that the user can become aware that the desired transportation conditions have been exceeded. 



Logging Storage

The Bluefin logger has provision for 40,000 data samples. This can be 20,000 temperature and humidity pairs, 40,000 temperature only samples or 40,000 humidity only samples.

Rechargeable Battery

The Bluefin logger operates from a rechargeable battery which can be recharged by connection to USB.

The Bluefin logger operates in an ultra low power mode even when logging temperature and humidity and can still be connected to wirelessly without any physical touching of the logger. The logger can operate in this fashion for 6 months from a fully charged battery. There is possibility to connect permanent to a mains/USB power cable meaning the rechargeable battery is always full and the logger can be forever able to log and be connected to wirelessly.

Look and Feel

The Bluefin logger design is compact, elegant and simple. Care has been taken to ensure the design is stylish and only makes available buttons, indicators and connectors which are intuitive and uncomplicated.

Moisture Resistance

Every logger circuit board assembly is epoxy coated to protect the device from wet and condensing enviroments.

Our Guarantee

Senonics logger products are developed by world class engineering teams situated in Denmark and United States. Our engineers are very proud of the Bluefin logger range which is marked by their special design philosophy of ensuring both a feature rich product but simple for the end user. Our designers have a well-deserved reputation for high quality product design ensuring that your logging device will both last the years and exceed your logging requirements!

Thechnical Specification 

PC Application

The Bluefin Logger comes with a very easy to use PC application. The application is used for configuration of logger, extraction of logger data, graphically viewing of logging data, spread sheet analysis of logging data and saving of logging data to file (typically in comma separated value CSV file format) for third party applications such as Excel.

The graphical user interface is completely intuitive in terms of configuring new devices and extracting logging data from a field device. When the user has multiple devices requiring the same setup then one can preload the application with a logger setup from a saved configuration file to help expedite the process and ensure all loggers get setup identically.

The application does not require any driver installations to connect to your logging device. Just download the program from our home page, run it and then plug in you device. Simple as that!

Currently the PC application is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. We are planning soon to support the same application on MacOS and Linux. Current version of the PC application is available: 

Download Senonics PC Application (Windows version) 

Online Documentation

The following documents are provided to give more technical details about the Bluefin Logger: 

       Bluefin Product Overview  Preliminary!

       Bluefin Quick Reference Guide  Preliminary!

       Bluefin Full User Guide  Preliminary!


Senonics PC Application Download

Click here to install the latest version of the Senonics PC Application program for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. 

       Install Senonics PC Application (Windows version)

Click here to install the latest version of the Senonics PC Application program for Mac. 

       Install Senonics Application (Mac version)


Senonics iPhone Application

The Senonics iPhone Application is a free iPhone app. Search for it on Apple's App store and install it. 


NIST Calibration

The Bluefin is available with an optional NIST traceable single point calibration at any temperature between 15C and 35C or 0C. Once calibrated the Bluefin is accurate to /-- 0.1C within /-- 20C of the calibration point. Documentation will be provided that traces the calibration back to a NIST tested reference thermostat. 

Senonics designs and manufactures it's own thermoelectric reference chambers that are stable to /-- 0.03C over four hour time period. Every calibrated logger is tested at the desired temperature for four hours to determine its offset from the reference temperature. Once the difference is determined an offset is applied to the logger and then the logger is retested to verify it's performance. All test results are documented in the NIST report. 

Senonics guarantees the accuracy of the Bluefin for one year from the date of calibration. 

The Bluefin logger can be recalibrated if needed. Please contact us for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Why should I buy a Senonics Bluefin Logger?

The Senonics Bluefin Logger is perhaps one of the most versatile temperature and humidity loggers on the market. It can be configured and data downloaded using a PC by connection of a USB cable. It can also be configured and data downloaded from your iPhone, iPad or iPadMini by Bluetooth wireless connection using a simple to use iPhone Application.

Besides this:
   1) The logger has a logging depth which surpasses rival loggers - 40000 samples.
   2) The logger requires no special programming pods
   3) The logger is low cost (pricing is not set currently but likely selling US$135 per unit)
   4) Free PC software for configuration and data extraction
   5) Free iPhone app for wireless configuration and data extraction
   6) The logger comes in a very robust mechanical design


2. Do we need to by anything other than the Bluefin logger?

No! Purchase of the logger includes the logger itself and a USB cable. The PC software to configure the logger and extract data is free and installed from the Web. The iPhone application is free and can be downloaded from Apple's App store. There is no special purpose programming pods or cables for our product. Everything is simple.

3. What is the response time for the Bluefin logger for changes in temperature and humidity?

The Bluefin logger has high quality sensors and due to careful mechanical design is quite responsive. Usually we see a settling time of about 4 minutes for temperature and humidity changes.

4. How do I know if my logger is logging?

When logging the logger will flash the green status LED every 6 seconds. When the logger finishes logging or is turned off then the status LED is permanently off.

5. Can I synchronise multiple loggers?

Yes! If you use the "Start at Specified Time" mode in the configuration and use the same future time for different loggers then they will all start logging together. Try it.

6. What is the Real Time Logging Mode?

Your Senonics Bluefin Logger can run in a mode where it is connected to the logger and the PC application instructs the logger to collect samples continuously at a desired rate. One can then see the samples collected as a table and graphically (live). This is a mode in addition to the regular logging modes and is a feature not supported by other loggers.

7. What version of Windows is supported?

The logger is a HID USB device which means it needs no special driver installed. It uses the driver included in Windows. Because of this the PC software can run on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 in 32 or 64 bit and can be plugged into any USB port on the PC.

8. What version of iOS is supported?

The Senonics iPhone application works on iOS7 and iOS8. Please try to keep to latest mature versions of these.

9. What versions of Mobile Devices are supported?

The Senonics application is working on iPhone4S, iPhone5S, iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus.

10. What options are there for post processing data from the logger?

The data extracted from the logger can be exported as a comma separated value (CSV) file. This is a standard text file format which can be readily processed by many third party programs such as Microsoft Excel, MatLab etc.

11. How long does it take to ship my logger once I have placed an order?

We endeavour to have all logger products in stock at all times. We ship with Fedex, DHL or UPS transport and the estimated time is 2 days world-wide.

12. Does Senonics make custom logger products?

Senonics is always keen to learn about customers needs and in some cases there could be a cooperative project which results in a custom logger product or setup. Contact us if you have suggestions to our products or some specific application in mind.

iPhone Application

The Bluefin logger may be connected to an iPhone, iPad or iPadMini using a wireless Bluetooth connection from the Senonics iPhone application. This application is free and available from Apple's App Store.

The application has been designed for ease of use.

When the application starts it is possible to search for all Bluefin loggers that are within range. The application will then show a list of loggers that can be connected to. The user then connects to one of these. On connection the application will display real time the temperature and humidity of the logger.

The application includes a configuration screen. From here it is possible to make all configuration changes and then update the logger.

Logged data may be read from the logger and displayed either as a table or graphically. Logged data can be stored on the phone for later use or forwarded as an email. 






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