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ConnectIT: QuoteWerks to Sage Link by Hilltops IT Consultancy Services
ConnectIT gives the QuoteWerks user the ability to create the current active QuoteWerks document in Sage Line 50.

ConnectIT is simple to use so there is no need for additional staff training - the order processing clerk simply clicks the "Create document in Sage" menu option from the QuoteWerks menu and it's done. ConnectIT is proven to save huge amounts of time manually entering invoice details, removes the potential for human error and the cost of correcting mistakes.

ConnectIT uses the Sage numbering system. This number is transferred back into QuoteWerks for traceability and auditing purposes or for inclusion in QuoteWerks document templates.

ConnectIT is quick and easy to install, register and configure using standard Windows interfaces.

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ConnectIT supports:
  • Creating QuoteWerks invoices as un-posted invoices in Sage.

  • Use of the Sage numbering system.

  • QuoteWerks v4 build 17 Standard, Professional and Corporate editions.

  • Sage Line 50 v9, 10, 11, 11.1 and 12 Accounts, Accounts Plus and Financial Controller.

ConnectIT - the future of QuoteWerks integration with Sage Line 50. InvoicePal by David Yarger Consulting
Looking for a functional method to reduce the Accounts Receivable time? Great news!. If you are using QuoteWerks® (Standard/Professional/Corporate editions) from Aspire Technologies and GoldMine® Corporate Edition™ or GoldMine Standard Edition, then let your Customers pay you On-Line. InvoicePal® lists unpaid invoices that are in QuoteWerks using a web interface enabling Clients to pay them online. Customers love this new system because it is so easy to use and deploy. Single Server setup allows all your QuoteWerks® users to post payable invoices, for immediate access.
 Linked Systems 2005 by Linked Systems Corporation
Linked Systems 2005 provides four major integration points between QuoteWerks and Great Plains:
  • ORDERS: It allows users to Synchronize quotes/orders from QuoteWerks into Great Plains SOP
  • INVENTORY: Synchronizes inventory bidirectionally between Great Plains and QuoteWerks
  • CUSTOMERS: Synchronizes customers/vendors from Great Plains into QuoteWerks (if not using a CRM).
  • ACT!/GOLDMINE AND QUOTEWERKS: If you are using ACT!/GoldMine, the integration between QuoteWerks/Great Plains can also be combined to provide real-time lookups of Great Plains Orders, inventory and customer information as well as QuoteWerks quotes right from ACT!/GoldMine. It also includes direct integration of Great Plains billto's into QuoteWerks quotes right from ACT!/GoldMine as well as combined CRM / Great Plains / QuoteWerks synchronizations.
 QuoteWerks / Pro Series Integration Module by Integral Computer Services, Inc.
Use QuoteWerks to create and manage quotes and concentrate on the selling side of your business. QuoteWerks/Pro Series Integration Module takes over once your quotation becomes an order.  A salesperson simply indicates that a quotation has become an order in QuoteWerks and then your accounting department can take over using the Order Processor System is designed to fully integrate to SAGE – Pro Series, including: 
  • Import / Sync Product Catalogs with the accounting system’s Inventory Items

  • Import / Sync Customers and Ship-To information

  • Creates New Customers and / or Ship To’s

  • Creates New Items and / or Locations as necessary

  • Sales Tax processing for orders

  • Interfaces with Pro Series Auto-PO and Drop Shipping capabilities

  • Enables quoted cost to flow to Purchase Order

  • Synchronizes Sales Order and Purchase Order Numbers with QuoteWerks™

  • Complete Exception checking and accounting data verification

  • Streamlines order processing for Accounting Staff

Bring the power of QuoteWerks and SAGE Pro Series to your organization! 
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