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Capacitor Product List

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The data contained herein shows only a PARTIAL LISTING of items available for this product line and it gives only a CONDENSED VERSION of the applicable specifications and characteristics. Request our complete catalog for full information!


Type H plastic film used as the solid dielectric of a capacitor results in extremely low power factors. Coupled with a high possible potential gradient, type H meets a specific need. Type HC is an inexpensive capacitor which will handle very large currents of the AC or pulse type.
Temperature Range. -60°C to 75°C. Full nameplate ratings to 65°C. Derate to 80% nameplate voltage for operation at  75°C.
Capacitance Tolerance. Standard capacitance tolerance is plus or minus 10%, 5% and 2% available on special order.
Test Voltage is 200% DC nameplate voltage for one minute at 25°C.
Life. Design life of type H capacitors is 10,000 hours at 65°C. A suitable life test is the application of 120% DC nameplate voltage applied for 1,000 hours at 65°C ambient temperature. Compliance is indicated with less than two failures of a sample lot of twelve.
Impregnant. Mineral oil & silicone is the liquid dielectric.
Salt Spray. All outside surfaces are treated to successfully withstand a 50 hour salt spray. On request, 100 or 150 hour salt spray resistance may be obtained.
Immersion. All type H capacitors are hermetically sealed and designed to pass the immersion test of MIL-C-25D.
Temperature Coefficient. The temperature coefficient of type H film impregnated with silicone fluid is negative 800 PPM/ C.
Applications: Type H capacitors find their major applications in circuits which require low-loss, high voltage and high current carrying capacitors.

Pulse Forming Networks Radio Frequency Bypass Audio Frequency Bypass Power Supply Filters
De-spiking Networks Radio Frequency Coupling

Audio Frequency Coupling

Resonant RF & Audio Circuits
Pulse Coupling Capacitors

High Frequency Power Factor Correction

There are two types of Plastic Film Capacitors:

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