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Feb 24, 2016 - New Wireless Control Relay with A/C Current Sensor

Wireless Control Relay wth A/C Current Sensor added to wireless data logging and sensor product line for building automation and local alarm indication. 

Paragon Robotics announces the expansion of our wireless data monitoring and sensors product line with the addition of a remote wireless control relay with built in A/C current sensor, which can monitor the power usage of a controlled load, to our control capabilities. The wireless Model SC111 with current sensor allows relay controlled standard NEMA-3 plug loads to be monitored for correct operation, power consumption, and other power data. The wireless model SC111 control relay (Up to 10A and 250 Volts) can be triggered on/off by any of our wireless sensors in the system. Individual sensor alarms can be programmed to use the contact relay to activate lights, beacons or horns for local notification of alarm conditions. In addition, the SC111 can automate processes with custom control applications for lighting, HVAC systems, fans, coolers, condensers, refrigeration and UV cleaning systems.


Feb 15, 2016 - Big updates to software and firmware

Our upgraded dataRecorder software is now online, providing a new, more "dashboardy" look for users. Not only does it look better, but it also has a ton of new features and capability. Our overall haloView platform and setupDevices have also gotten many upgrades.

In conjunction with the software improvements, we are also now shipping products with our new v2.x firmware. This is a major upgrade to our firmware design, and provides new functionality. Unfortunately, it is only available on new hardware, and it is not possible to upgrade existing v1.x firmware parts to v2.x. 

Dec 21, 2015 - Wireless CO2 sensor released

Introducing our new wireless CO2 Sensor for our data logging and monitoring systems. The Model SC75 can measure ambient CO2 concentrations in order to determine indoor air quality (IAQ)

Dec 11, 2015 - New wireless differential pressure sensor

New Model SC76, Wireless Differential Pressure Sensor, can monitor the pressure difference between two air spaces. The two nipple fittings on the case can be connected to air spaces using included tubing, allowing the sensor to measure pressure between the two sources.

Nov 19. 2015 - Wireless data logging systems

Wireless Data Logging Systems with complete software suite for real time dashboard display, charting and downloading of sensor measurments

Oct 14, 2015 - Wireless data logging applications

Wireless monitoring solutions for energy efficiency auditing, HVAC system, cold storage/refridgeration and industrial process applications

Sept 18, 2015 - Wireless monitoring solutions for manufacturing

Paragon Robotics wireless sensors and controls improve facility/process energy efficiency and maintain controlled storage environments for raw materials and production goods

Aug 31, 2015 - Summer 2015 improvements to products

Please see the release notes for our substantial upgrade to our wireless data logging and monitoring software and firmware

Aug 13, 2015 - Building performance solutions

Improve energy efficiency systems for office complexes with multiple suites and tenants by adding Paragon Robotics wireless sensors and controls


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