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With easy translation into BACnet/IP or Modbus/TCP, Paragon's wireless acquisition system is ideal for getting data to 3rd party analytics servers. Significantly lower up-front costs vs. all competing solutions enable greater sales in cost-sensitive markets. A wide range of available sensors can extend analytic capabilities far beyond simple usage.

In addition to the complete range of current and pulse sensors used for baseline analytics measurements, the product line includes a wide range of other sensors which greatly expand analysis capabilities. Temperature, humidity, occupancy, and many other sensor types can be easily added to a system to improve data detail and scope beyond other analytics sulutions.

Integrate with any third party system imaginable

Simply add a translator device to link your Halo/S network with external BACnet/IP or Modbus/TCP systems. Translators are fully scriptable as well, allowing custom scripts to communicate with absolutely any system imaginable.







A dizzying array of sensor types

In addition to our range of built-in sensors, our external terminal and jack devices support a large array of third-party transducers. Our wireless OE2x modules are also available for OEMs to create their own Halo/S-powered devices.


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