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   MSR Whitepaper

We have just posted a well written publication dealing with most aspects related to acceleration measurement as it pertains to the MSR Series of Acceleration data loggers.

Well worth taking the time to read this.


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Special data logger for soot particulate filter monitoring

Co-commissioned for and in cooperation with a company which is active in the field of diesel emission management, MSR Electronics GmbH co-developed a filter monitoring emission control equipment, which is used for example in construction machinery, rail vehicles, ships, lorries, buses, special vehicles and stationary equipment in use. The filter monitoring measures the exhaust temperature as well as backpressure before the filter. Depending on the type of vehicle and its use, a measuring probe for optional recording of the speed can be connected to the filter control. The operating states are displayed with a 3-color LED that is installed in the cockpit of the vehicle or machine. Thus, any malfunctions and the loading state of the particulate filter can immediately be recognized by the driver and be corrected straight away if required. As standard, the device is equipped with a storage module, which stores all the operating conditions (temperature, back pressure, speed, alarms). All electronics are built in an IP 65 aluminium die cast housing and therefore suitable for installation in the engine room or outdoor area. Technology of MSR Electronics GmbH in use: soot particulate filter monitoring for a construction machine

MSR basic module for soot particulate filter monitoring

The basic module of the MSR data logger for soot particulate filter monitoring is available from MSR Electronics GmbH and includes the special data logger for measuring differential pressure, temperature and speed, a separate LED and user-friendly PC software for data acquisition and analysis. In addition to the LED, it is possible to fit the device with an LCD display for the temperature and the differential pressure. Various parameters can be adjusted individually. If the speed is exceeded, it triggers an alarm and subsequent safety shutdown of the data logger.

Special Datalogger MSR for soot particulate filter monitoring, built in an IP 65 aluminium die cast housing


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