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RS Means Interior Cost Data

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Interior Cost Data 2012 Book
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RSMeans Interior Cost Data 2012 includes more than 14,000 unit costs, including productivity data, for new facilities, upgrades, renovation projects, even downsizing — projects of any size, scope or location in the country.

All aspects of finish work have been drawn together into one easy-to-use source. It's all here... equipment, hardware, custom work, furnishings, labor costs and more.

What you’ll find inside:

  • Thousands of unit and assemblies costs for almost every interior need
  • City Cost Indexes and Location Factors for over 930 U.S. and Canadian locations to easily customize costs to your specific area
  • Equipment rental costs
  • Crew sizes, labor hours, and labor rates
  • Detailed reference information
  • Square foot costs


  • Get access to free quarterly cost updates for a full year!

Special note about contract estimating & bidding: More and more interior projects are being handled on a fixed price basis. JOC, DOC, and SABER contracts stipulate current-year RSMeans costs. If you estimate or bid these contracts — or think you might — Interior Cost Data is for you.

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