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 Detailed costs and estimating guidance for dozens of the most popular additions and remodeling projects.

This book can help upgrade contractors’ estimating skills – from early-stage cost ranges for discussion with homeowners – to detailed bid estimates. The 35 cost estimates presented here cover a whole range of popular projects – from small jobs like opening up an interior wall, to converting garages, attics, porches, or basements into living space – plus a variety of room additions – from a small front entry porch or bump-out to one- and two-story structures with family rooms, kitchens, master suites, sunrooms, porches, garages, and more.

Each project estimate includes:

  • A complete list of materials
  • Typical labor-hours, broken down by task
  • Subcontractor costs for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing
  • An allocation for overhead and profit
  • Alternate materials with unit costs – so you can match the estimates to the specifics of your project

Use these estimates as checklists to make sure your own total costs are in the right range, as backup for pricing, or as a cost reference for preliminary discussion with homeowners.

Localize the costs to your area with easy-to use multipliers – more than 900 individual locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, organized by zip code.

Other valuable features:

  • Estimating how-to’s – tips on conducting a thorough site inspection, defining the full scope of work and special requirements, pricing materials and labor, and calculating overhead and profit.
  • Takeoff and estimating worksheets – photocopy from the book or access them electronically from its Web site.
  • Guidance on design, planning, contracts, working with homeowners and the building department, and the newest construction materials, like green building and recycled lumber.
  • Real-life case studies of three large remodeling projects: the challenges, how the contractors solved them, and design ideas you can use.
Number of pages: 202+
Price (USD): $29.95







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