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 Finally you have a choice in residential valuation!
  • Automated Residential Property Valuation System
  • Designed Specifically for Insurance and Appraisal Professionals

North America's leading authority on construction cost estimating and cost modeling offers as automated residential property valuation system. Fast, easy and reliable! Means CostWorks Valuator virtually eliminates user subjectivity by relying on sophisticated cost models to build component-based valuations for each structure.

Build your valuations on the same trusted cost data that construction professionals have relied on for over 60 years... RSMeans.

Designed specifically for insurance and appraisal professionals.

This easy-to-use, Windows based program requires minimal input to quickly capture features of the structure being valued. With a simple point and click, the most current industry-standard construction costs are at your fingertips. These costs include unit and assemblies costs based on material, labor, and equipment rates that are updated quarterly. Costs are automatically adjusted for every evaluation to the specific zip code of the property location. Simply select the building type, major components and special features, and Means CostWorks Valuator does the rest.

Orders taken in this bookstore are for 1 User / License for one year. If you require a site license for more than 1 User or Location and you are in the Northeast or South USA or Canada please call 1-800-334-3509, Ext. 5102.

Price (USD): $495.00







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