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ClosetAir™ Small Room Cooling


geist cool closetair

Intelligent heat removal and monitoring solution for servers, network switches and phone systems in small spaces.



The ClosetAir system removes hot air and sends it to the outside corridor or ceiling plenum return, providing control and monitoring via a built-in web server. The web pages, including graphs, are generated by the unit to track settings and environmental conditions within the room.

The ClosetAir is a complete management system that provides remote visibility of your room environment. This system is ideal for mounting on the wall or ceiling and provides automated heat exhaust while intelligently monitoring your equipment.  Receive alert notifications if critical values fall outside the user-defined threshold. 

The ClosetAir system includes one internal temperature sensor, two external temperature sensors, and two additional ports to add extra external temperature sensors (optional). 


Active Airflow Control

Use the out-of-box setting or set your desired temperature to maintain control within the IT space.

No Reconfiguration Required
The system comes pre-programmed and requires no initial programming for standard operation. Modifications to factory settings are very simple and can be performed with any machine that has a hardwire network port and a web browser.

Simple to Install

ClosetAir can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Installation time is typically less than one hour.
geist closet air, install guide

Temperature Monitoring

The unit is not just an intelligent fan, it is also an environmental monitoring system, with the ability to set alarm levels and email alerts. The ClosetAir includes two temperature sensors with 20ft (6,096mm) cords with the ability to attach four total temperature sensors. This allows you to cool and monitor your room using one device.

Monitor Multiple Closets

Racknet (sold separately) aggregates hundreds of ClosetAir units into a single pane for a complete visualization of all your closets. Racknet provides flexibility for individual naming and reporting.

Thermal Control and Monitoring Interface

Automatic temperature control allows you to monitor and adjust settings from anywhere.  ClosetAir is an intelligent heat removal system, ideal for 0-10kW, for computer and network systems in small spaces.

Versatile and Portable, Not Just for the Closets

ClosetAir is easy to install, but also easy to move. ClosetAir is an ideal solution for data center white spaces where high density racks have outgrown the local cooling capacity. Use the system to quickly address hot spots where containment systems are not present. 


Spec Sheet  
ClosetAir Spec Sheet
User Manual 
ClosetAir Instruction Manual Download
Supporting Documents  
SNCC Case Study Download
CLC Case Study Download

Cool Firmware

Call 1-877-902-2979 if you have questions about the firmware for Geist cooling products.

ActiveAir Firmware

R-Series v3 Firmware

Geist ASU

Changes contained in version v3.8.7 (10/19/2015):

Note: Due to firmware structure changes it is not possible to load firmware older than v3.8.1 onto units that have been upgraded to v3.8.1 or newer.
Note: Units already running ActiveAir-branded firmware must be updated using the Geist ASU.

Change branding to Geist Cool ActiveAir.
Added ability to set capacity set point via SNMP.
Fixed SNMPv3 traps sent unencrypted.
Changes contained in version 3.15.2 (10/20/2015):

Note: Due to firmware structure changes it is not possible to load firmware older than v3.12.1 onto units that have been upgraded to v3.12.1 or newer.
Note: Geist firmware v3.x.y represents a major hardware change.
Note: Devices running firmware prior to v3.0.0 cannot be upgraded to this version.
Note: See below for the latest Geist v2.xx firmware.
Note: Due to changes in the measurement logging system updating to this firmware from versions prior to 3.4.0 will erase your log history. Please download and save your log history prior to updating if you wish to maintain it.
Note: Units with ODS or DPS-branded firmware must be updated using the Geist ASU.
Note: Devices updated from legacy IT Watchdogs firmware will report their SNMP data under the Geist enterprise and product ID once updated to this firmware. 17323.3 in any monitored OIDs will change to 21239.2. Please make sure your SNMP monitoring software's configuration is updated to reflect this change.

Allow manually setting fan speed to 0 on RAC10.
Allow internal temperature sensor on RAC10 to be ignored when external sensors are present.
Improved handling of unplugged remote sensors on RAC10.
Fixed SNMPv3 traps sent unencrypted.
Fixed RAC10 units losing fan configuration on reboot when set to Temperature Set Point mode.
The Geist Automated Smart Updater (ASU) is a software tool for simultaneously updating multiple Geist IP-enabled devices

Updated to work with Blackbird firmware 3.2.0


Geist's FAQ section aims to answer specific questions related to this product offering. If you need further support, please contact Tech Support directly.

ClosetAir™ Small Room Cooling FAQs

How much load can one unit handle?
The units are rated at 1100 CFM.  Typically IT equipment requires 110 CFM of air per Kilowatt of load.  If cabinet exhaust is properly sectioned off, IT loads in the range of 10 kW can be serviced.

How is the unit mounted in the ceiling?
The ClosetAir system is designed to drop into a standard 24” x 24” ceiling tile opening.  The unit utilizes tabs for attaching hanger wire for support.

Do I need a licensed tradesman to install this unit?
Not in most cases. Since the unit is designed to be powered by a standard wall outlet and does not require changes to the cooling system, installation is very simple.  However, it is always best to check with local codes to be safe.

Does the system work in a low density environment?
Yes, the fans will respond to the conditions of the room and fluctuate in speed. It is recommended that temperature sensors be placed on the intake of the server racks. When conditions reach a predefined point the fans will adjust accordingly.

Is the system networkable?
Yes, the unit is fully configurable over the network.  Temperature set-points, alarms, email alerts, current and historic conditions can be accessed through the web interface.

Is the system compatible with my DCIM package?
Yes, the ClosetAir system is capable of sending SNMP traps and can be pulled using the included MIB file for setup.

Is it possible to channel the exhaust heat to a return duct?
Yes, the unit can be purchased with an optional round duct adapter that can connect with rigid or flexible ducting.

Is it a requirement to control speed based on temperatures?
No, the web interface also allows users to set fan speed to a constant fan speed.

Is the ClosetAir system capable of working outdoors?
The unit is designed for indoor use only.

Is the system compatible with my email server?
The ClosetAir system will work with POP3/SMTP, email relay/no authentication, ESMTP/TLS/SSL email set ups.


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