• Pico Launches new FLEXIBLE Resolution Oscilloscope
  • ACCES I/O - Large Range of USB I/O, PCIe and PC104 Products
  • MSR Loggers for Tri-Axial Acceleration Logging and more
  • Gemini Loggers for Temp, Humidity, Acceleration, Voltage etc........
  • Complete Line of GTCO Digitizers and accessories
  • Tinytag Loggers for Temp., Humidity, Voltage, Current and Shock
  • MSR Release new 900mAh battery for their loggers.
  • New Pico 4 Channel 3000 Series USB Scope
  • Pico releases new large memory MSO (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope) 2013
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Oscium - iOS Instruments

   Oscilloscope iOS      
iOS Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
iMSO-204x -NEW
iMSO-20x transforms a smartphone or tablet into a mixed signal oscilloscope.
iOS Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
   Power Meter - iOS      
Oscium Power MetersTransform iPhone, iPad, iPod into a combination power meter (from 100 MHz to 2.7 GHz) and spectrum analyzer (from 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz).
logic analyser for iPad, iPhone or iPOD
   Spectrum Analyser - iOS      
wipry ios spectrum analyser, spectrum analyser for your ios device, convert ipad into spectrum analyser
   WiPry Spectrum Analyser      
WiPry 5X
dual band spectrum analyzer
WiPry Pro Combo
WiFi Spectrum analyser and power meter for iOS - iPAD, iPod or iPhone add on instrument
WiPry Power - Discontinued

oscium ios dynamic power meter, ios power meter, power meter for your ipad

grabbers, probe, antenna, harness, pin, oscium, wipry, Conducted Measurement Kit, logic harness, spectrum analyser
   News & Updates      
news and updates
Oscium, power meter, spectrum analyzer, oscillioscopes. wipry, apple, andriod, Ipad,iPod, Ios, lanline
N/AFrost & Sullivan
new product innovation award from frost & sullivan



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