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 USBee ToolBuilder Feature Summary

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The USBee pod must be initialized to configure the pod to communicate with the host application before any pod operations can take place.  There are 2 routines that can initialize the USBee pod: InitializePod and ConnectToUSBeePod.

Each of the 8 USBee pod signals (0 through 7) can be either an Input or an Output.  There are 3 routines that set the USBee signals to the desired I/O state as well as drive the outputs to know values.   Each routine has unique features to provide optimized performance.  These routines are SetSignalStates, SetSignalStatesMultiple, and GenerateData.

These three routines take a parameter called StateValue.  The StateValue parameter sets the Input/Output state of each of the signals.  Each bit in the byte represents each individual signal.  Bit 0 corresponds to Signal 0 and Bit 7 corresponds to Signal 7 on the USBee Pod.  A bit value of 0 means the signal is an Input. A bit value of 1 means the signal is an Output.   If a USBee pod signal is set to be an Input, the associated signal is not driven.

Once the signals are set to the desired values, the CLK line will pulse to indicate stable data is present.  The polarity of the CLK line defaults to Active High (3.3V), but can be changed by the ClockActiveState in the GenerateData routine.  The CLK line toggles from inactive to active to inactive. The timing of the CLK and Signals vary depending on the routine called and are shown in the Toolbuilder document here.



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