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USBee DX Digital Voltmeter

This section details the operation of the Digital Voltmeter (DVM) application that comes with the USBee DX.  Below you see the application screen.

Digital Voltmeter Specifications

Analog Channels Displayed


Analog Input Voltage Range

-10V to 10V

Minimum Measurable Resolution


Analog Resolution

256 steps

Update Rate

3 samples per second



Pod Status

The DVM display shows a current USBee DX Pod Status by a red or green LED.  When a USBee DX is connected to the computer, the Green LED shows and the list box shows the available Pod ID List for all of the USBee DX’s that are connected.  You can choose which one you want to use.  The others will be unaffected.  If a USBee DX is not connected, the LED will glow red and indicate that there is no pod attached. 

If you run the software with no pod attached, it will run in demonstration mode and simulate data so that you can still see how the software functions.

Voltage Measurement

The DVM takes a 250 msec measurement of each of the channels and displays the average voltage over that time period.
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